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  1. So the reason I'm asking this is because I want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same things I am and can relate to it. I'll tell you what I mean. So for the past few years (during the years I've struggled with depression and anxiety) I've been a lot more forgetful and being easily distracted. I know this can come with mental disorders, but I just want some confirmation from others I guess. Like for example, I can sit on my pc doing whatever and I get told dinner is ready and I'll respond, but then literally forget 2 seconds later until several moments pass and I suddenly remember dinner is ready and I have to get up. This happens a lot and tends to annoy people. The same happens when I receive a text and thinking I'll check that in a second, but forget right away until I look at my phone again. But it's also things like, if it's something I need to remember, I have to write it down or I'll know I'll forget, even simple things. When I was on medications, I had to put on an alarm every day or I would without a doubt forget to take it even though the meds were always right beside me. Then of course going through that annoying thing of noticing my alarm, thinking I'll take it in a second, and forget for maybe hours. I'm also most likely the most forgetful person in my friends group and they can also tend to get annoyed that I don't remember events from the past and such, but being reminded of things tends to jog my memory. A lot of the times when I'm asked a question about something from the past (even just a year ago), I won't remember, which is frustrating for me too. So does this happen to others to? Any tips on improving my memory?
  2. I struggle with the same things, so I completely understand. So I would just like to know what helps others too. I keep bottling up anger because of small things, and I've exploded a few times in passive aggressiveness until I'm pushed to actually speak my mind. Then I get told; why haven't you said this earlier? So I keep trying to be verbal about it when something is bothering me and it does actually work to be fair, it's just difficult. Sometimes you just gotta take the leap and do it, no matter how scary it is and not worry about how the other person takes it.
  3. I've been feeling really anxious all day and had an anxiety attack, so not feeling too great right now.
  4. My sister and I were goofing around like we were kids. She's the only person in the world who can make me smile and laugh no matter what I'm going through.
  5. Yeah, I would link it to anxiety. Forgot to mention I have anxiety as well so it impacts my depression, and those two are very often linked.
  6. I'm not sure how helpful this is, but if I were him, I'd probably be acting the same way and would just need time to assess the situation. People who are depressed, as well as myself, tend to unintentionally push people away even though we don't want to, and we isolate ourselves. He might feel that he puts stress onto you with his depression since it's something you have to deal with as well and might not want to "bother you" to put it that way. At least, that's how I feel. And in a relationship, this becomes more important. He might have to figure out if his depression would damage the relationship in any way and how you both would handle it and if he is willing to risk it. He probably wants someone close to be able to reach out to whenever, like in a relationship, but is nervous to put pressure on it. This is just me; I would think, what if once they find out more about my depression it becomes too much for them to handle and they'll break up with me? What if I can't explain what I'm going through and push them away and they'll think I don't like them anymore? Again, I don't know if this helps, but it might shed some light on how someone with depression could act.
  7. So I've been struggling with anxiety for pretty much all my life and for the past few years, I've been getting anxiety attacks. So what do you do to cope with this? I struggle to find things that work for me. Not just for anxiety attacks, but anxiety in general too.
  8. Thank you so much, that means a lot. And I'm sorry to hear about your husband, but I'm glad he impacted so many. Teachers really are important.
  9. Feeling the same way, you're not alone.
  10. I'll keep that in mind. I hope I'll come across a job I'll feel like I want instead of just taking it because I can and force myself to go to work. (during my studies that is) After I've graduated, I'm not too concerned about getting a job as I plan to become a teacher and there's a need for teachers everywhere.
  11. I do know for a fact that this will not be a job I will love so I have a feeling I will come to hate it quite fast as it is similar to the last one. The only concern I have is money because it would be helpful as I plan to move for myself during university. As of now I'm living with my parents and will study nearby to save money that way, so it's not a pressing matter yet, so I might hold it off for now. I'm much more excited about my education and getting a job after that within my field.
  12. Thank you for replying. I will have to give this some more thought, but I do want to do my best and focus on school for the next few years since that's more important to me and a part-time job will make it more stressful.
  13. I really do feel the same way. But then again that's also what everyone wants you to see, the good sides. They hide how they got to this place and it might not be as easy as it seems. They don't talk about how hard they worked for something or how they actively seek it out, if that's the case. And some people just get really lucky.
  14. Oh don't worry about it. I've just booked a doctor's appointment because I want to talk to my doctor about getting into therapy again and get a reference, so I will mention the antidepressants as well. Thanks for the reply.
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