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  1. I think that's awesome. My deceased husband was a teacher. So many kids loved him. You will help so many. Best of luck to you. You will leave your fingerprint on so many. I run in to kids 10 years after my husband passed they still cry for him. He touched thousands of lives...and you will too
  2. I say this every day myself. I hate my life. I haye all the misery. I hate all my failures wrong choices. I pray to die every day. But them I see my kids. I don't want them to have a mom who killed herself no matter how lonely and worthless I feel. My life is no life. I understand how you feel. Just wanted you to know your not alone in feeling this way. I don't know how to stop when I see so many who seem to have it all. Your not alone..if you have kids try and be strong for them..i would of taken my life by now..but I'm here in this miserable lonely life I life because I don't want to hurt them. May by this will help you too...thinking of you...stay strong
  3. Don't go to long without working. Keep trying. You don't want to get a large gap in your employment history. It will be even harder to get a job. Keep knocking someone will hire you... Best of luck.
  4. I've lost all hope for happiness and peace.Im feel like things are about to get worse and it's already been very bad.
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