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  1. Not good today same as most days now. Hopefully you all having a better day.
  2. No but they did not test for that but that's part of my sick note from work was depression and me being the coward I am did not use it cos the thought of talking to my boss makes me want to curl up and die. I feel burnt out and feel work is defo a mitigating factor to this. Really at the end of my rope with it all now. Only so many time I can cancel plans avoid my friend and family. Well doctor said come see them again in two week so that's today. Hopefully give me something and the therapist I've signed up for all help ah. Anyways sorry to bore you all and thanks for the reply
  3. Thanks for the responses guys did not expect much but guess that's just the way I feel about most things but really thanks even just to talk an know people are there is always a good thing. Did anyone take time off work with there problems cos it really is causing abit of a rift between me and my wife she feels I'm not taking it seriously and I just have no I idea how to talk to people hard enough going the doctors about it let along work who I see 6days aweek. Cheers Aizen
  4. Hi. Right first time doing this sort of thing so let's see if it helps. Been struggling for some time and in typical Male fashion I dont like to talk about it. My wife is helping but it's not fair on her we have a young child and another one on the way so its important I try to sort it. I dont sleep lucky if I can muster an hour or two a night and even that's it's broken up. Feel lost and disinterested in everything all the time. When the doctors they give me some sleeping tables but they dont seem to help a great deal. Got signed off work but was so afraid to talk to my boss about it I just ended up coming in to work( my boss is actually a great guy and I know he would only try and help) my wife said if I'm not willing to help myself then why should she witch is right tbh if I cant even do that why should she stay and help but that's just sent my head off in a whole new world of shit. I now try and act normal round her cos I'm worried even more so. I feel lost and as if I'm no longer here I'm not me anymore. Where do I go from here. Dose time off help I just dont know but sitting in work like a zombie reading dont **** yourself forums maybe I should not be here. Anyway sorry to bore you all but hey ho.
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