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  1. Thank you both @BBNo1 and @HopelessRomantic2011!! I was so happy to see some responses . It can be fun at times but also very time consuming and I worry I’m wasting too much of my life doing this. If I could somehow channel it or use it to effect change in my life (my co has several personal qualities that I’d love to possess/improve on), then I wouldn’t mind so much.
  2. Hi everyone, I’m new here but came across the forum looking for information regarding this specific topic, and figured I should join. It is comforting for me to know that there are others like me, from all sorts of backgrounds. This I s definitely an embarrassing thing for me and I really don’t share with anyone I know irl. While it’s always been on/off with me I’ve had this type of obsession with different male celebrities since I was in my teens. Right now I’m onto an actor who I never would have given a second thought about a month ago. My prior actor was exactly the same. It seems like I’ll read something about a actor, musician or something, and that’s all it takes to get me hooked and suddenly I’ll want to know everything about them and daydream about meeting them, etc. I’m lucky that my CO is not on social media, but it’s so difficult when you can access so much information about them at any given time thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and so on. When I get in these funks, I can easily spend hours upon hours (half a day easily!) looking up anything and everything I can about the CO. One of my hobbies sort of dangles in the entertainment field, so I also spend a lot of time imagining this hobby takes off and like it’s just bound to be the catalyst to meeting him. Ridiculous, right? It’s also a hobby I’ve neglected for a while for varying reasons and while you’d think it would motivate me to at least devote time to the hobby - I spend most of the time just fantasizing and nothing gets accomplished otherwise. It’s really depressing. Anyway, that’s in brief my story. I look forward to getting to know more of you and learning ways to cope with this.
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