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  1. Thanks. I pulled it up.on eBay. Less than 5 bucks. If I get a Father's Day gift card, I order it today. I really want to feel better. Thank you again for the advice. It really helps and I will order that book.
  2. Thanks. I will read reviews and probably order this week. Feels good to even get suggestions. Thanks.
  3. I am looking for work. Anyone have any good self help books to recommend to help with depression?
  4. I really appreciate the response. Being unemployed, I don't have a doctor nor could afford one right now. Looking for other suggestions and any insight to begin the process of dealing with my depression. Thanks.
  5. This is my first step. I've been depressed my whole life. I used to keep to myself as a teenager even though I had many friends. My Dad was ******** in 2000. Been married 17 years. Last 12 have been hard / sucked. Recently, at 51, I lost my job and I'm unemployed with a wife and 2 kids. I am not insured. Finally want to do something to address my depression. Where do I start? Feel alone but want to finally do something. Thanks.
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