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  1. Thank you for the well wishes Atra, Those are easy concepts for me to understand. And I'm all for getting out there to have some fun. The gym is right at the top of the hill and just that would be so helpful. As soon as I can, I'm going to get there. And thank you for the Caregivers Action Network too. I'm going to look that up. Things seem to be getting worse with the weight loss. There is an appointment Thursday with her VA Psych ARNP, but she is not going to know what to do. We have been to many hospitals and talked to many doctors but no turn around yet. I think that maybe some of the meds might have kept her from sinking deeper faster.
  2. Hi LonelyHiker, Currently we have a VA ARNP for her psychiatrist. The current meds is Lexapro and Abilify.
  3. Thank you Laura, That's what it has been trial and error but have yet to find a real remedy.
  4. It's amazing that this forum isn't packed. I know that there are many, many of us out caretaking for the depressed.
  5. Make sure you get good individual counseling. Do lots of yoga. Find a way to let it go for sure. My parents were alcoholics so I can relate to some insanity, but mom being depressed as you describe sounds absolutely the worst. Depression is a disease though and for my wife, I just have to ignore it and keep trying to help her.
  6. Hello to all in this helpful community, My wife has fallen in a clinical depression. She is a Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, she was an army nurse. She worked hard and got her grad degree in 2017, but sadly, the depression made her have to quit her new career as a Nurse Practitioner. The depression got bad near the end of 2018 and 2019 has been just awful. A dozen emergency room visits, 2 psyche unit stays, endless testing, strife with the step-kids. The medicines seem to make her sicker. Currently she is at home, most of the time in bed. I'm suffering real pressure just getting her to eat a few bites and it's an all day struggle to keep her eating. Most of the food I make for her ends up being thrown away. She's lost so much weight and can't afford to lose any more and that keeps me in a constant state worry. She doesn't like me to leave the house because she gets afraid. Because of the depression, nobody want's to come and help so I am mostly single handed. We sleep in different beds, she does not want affection but we tell each other we love each other. I strive for 100% kindness and am mostly successful, but I am resentful for all the difficulties this disease has caused us in the past, especially now that I don't get to live a life. I care deeply for her, and it cuts to my heart that she is suffering. I am in my late 50s and athletic, being stuck at the house is making me lethargic and depressed. I am retired so can stay home with her but this isn't what I had planned to do with my retirement and I feel like a looser. I'm afraid to leave her too long but can make it out to the grocery store which is all the fun I get to have. Medical bills are neck deep. We are going to have to pull a good chunk of our savings just to get back to zero balance. I'm mostly looking to connect with other caretakers for support.
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