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  1. She had 12 out f twelve treatments, and with the medication, they deem her well enough to come home. She says she hurts everywhere and she has both short term and long term memory loss. Still, she seems sharper. She has most of her personalty back, and she is eating better. Currently, I deem the ECT treatments to have been helpful in our case. I'll be busy next week. Dr. appointments aplenty.
  2. You are being blessed. Thank you for sharing that great news. I think I said in my other reply, living with people can be hard but best you can just embrace the good and try to swim over the annoying and bad. Consider it CEO training.
  3. Continuing with the treatments, she had one today. She seems to be getting a little better but slowly. Her appetite is improved. She played some better rummy last night. Dealing with SS disability... it's been a year and I'm still trying to jump through the hoops so she can start receiving her money that she did contribute through years of mandatory deduction from her paychecks.
  4. You sound like your own superhero to me so taxes, insurance and such will be cake. Go to the library and find a nice lady to help you. You are correct in putting work as secondary if you can. Just do school. If you are living with mom, work around the house, keep mom buttered up. The mentally ill family... just keep smiling and nodding your head then forget what they said. Time, and school work will remove you from the situation for good. Do I read this correctly, that you get away from brother and dad by moving in with mom? I'm hoping that 's what this says.
  5. She's had six treatments. She's having memory loss. Yesterday evening, after her treatment she couldn't remember how to play rummy, though we have been playing it every night. Tonight she had me go over her grandkids names, some she couldn't remember. She doesn't seem to be distressed over the memory loss and is rolling with it. I don't feel she par for this treatment working on her depression. For those naysayers that said don't do it, that it just causes more problems. At this halfway point I would say they might be right. She has another treatment scheduled for Monday. I'm going to arrange to talk to her real doctor on Tuesday to see if they still think the benefits are worth the side effects.
  6. Nightly visit tonight. This is the second evening after the forth treatment. Yesterday, after the treatment she was dressed and the nurse gave a good review. Today she went back downhill some. Back in her hospital gown, back in bed for most of the day. She was still able to play cards. Her next treatment is tomorrow morning.
  7. Maybe beg your way into someone else's home. He's not going to change; fighting him is no solution. Change the things you can, and the only thing you can change is location. Love yourself enough not to leave yourself in the situation. Make your move soon.
  8. There were some setbacks that delayed the treatments, but she had her fourth yesterday. She complains that it is degrading. I asked why and her reply was that she doesn't know what she does during the time she is out. I think I get that. She also says her muscles ache everywhere. When I go this evening I'll ask her if her muscles are still aching. I think she is improving. For me, the best thing is that she isn't suffering anxiety near as much as she was.
  9. I don't understand getting ECT done on just one side. Those headaches sound scary. How long did they last?
  10. I've some healthy hobbies and some not so healthy habits that help me cope. What bothers me the most is that while life goes on around me everywhere, I'm kinda stuck in a limbo. I'm missing all the beautiful Florida evenings because visitation is in the evening. 3 hour round trip and two hour visit. That's a big part of every day. This forum helps.
  11. The nurse called, my wife refused a treatment this morning; a disappointment. She is also feeling worse tonight. It's a full step backward.
  12. Thank you for that input. Did you get the full regimen of treatments? Any side effects?
  13. She does seem to be getting better with the treatments. Last week, she was suffering level 10. Now she is not. She has better appetite, and that's a big deal. She said that she read a book today. That would be the first time she read a book in a year. She used to be an avid reader and her losing that pastime due to the illness made it so much worse. There is another treatment in the morning. The side effect she was complaining about today was the goo that they put in her hair. She's already lost 80% of her hair and the goo sticks to her hair making her lose more hair.
  14. My wife had her third treatment Friday and she is in better spirits. Her appetite has picked up, she has some smiles now, she is little by little showing more care for her appearance and grooming. Today was the first time that she called during this stay and that too is a good sign. In the visitation, we are playing cards and that is something that she could be no means do a week ago.
  15. Thank you for that real world feedback there highanxiety. One has to be curious, what was the root of her problem? Do you think that the treatments were a stepping stone to her recovery?
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