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  1. I had a similar thing happen to me today. I am bi polar and suffer from anxiety. 90% of the time I keep the bi polar in check by being friendly and kind, but rarely sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and my flight instincts kick in. I was hired as a Hub driver for a big auto parts store. I fell off of a roof years ago and shattered both heels and broke my back, so finding work is hard. Thats why I wanted to be a driver. I have little to no mechanical knowledge but I mean if you are delivering medical supplies, you dont have to be a doctor right? So I figured if I am delivering auto parts, it dosnt matter. Went into orientation and I had everything under control. But then they took us to a store to start training, only I was not being trained for the job I applied for. They were training me to answer phones and help customers. They wanted me to up sell them on parts and offer to install some for them. Like I said, not my forte. I lasted 4 hours without a break or lunch, and then they turned us loose on helping customers. All the other new guys were diving right in, but I got this gloomy feeling. "I cant do this.. I dont know what I am doing." Dont get me wrong, I love customers and people, but I know nothing about auto parts or cars. I should have approached the GM who was training us and talked to him, but my flight instincts kicked in. I took off my badge and pins, put it on the counter and left. The GM called me all day but I couldnt bring myself to answer the phone. I was just too embarrassed. I know I am partially at fault for not standing my ground, but this was not the job I was told I would be doing, and I can not stand on my feet for more than an hour or so without having to sit down because of the accident I had. Thats humiliating to bring up as well.. When I got home I felt like such an idiot. Why didnt I say something? Why as a grown man did I just leave? The job offered good benefits I feel like I made a huge mistake. I finally built up the courage to call the GM back after I took a nap. My head hurt and my heart was pounding. I needed rest. It was too late, the office was closed. I left a message telling him how I felt and why I left and apologized for being unprofessional. Maybe he will call back tomorrow. If he dosnt, oh well. Ill look for a job thats in my forte. Still hate that at 38 years old these feelings still effect me to behave like this.
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