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  1. Welcome windsurfer. This is a good place to land. So much support to find here. It is always amazing to me to realize that there are others out there that do understand what we are going through. You will find support here.
  2. Yep I second that. Keep posting on here. You help others in ways you can’t see. I have found that helping others has a strange way of helping yourself as well. I am sorry that you don’t have any friends at the moment. That can be hard for sure. I have found that taking walks outside has helped me greatly.
  3. I think it can take up to six weeks though I am not sure. You probably want to go with your Dr.s recommendation. But I would also give them the details of what you are going through. Just as a note my Effexor worked really fast for me. Within the first week. It is different for each person. Just putting in my two cents worth.
  4. Welcome. Are you looking for possible avenues to pursue or would you rather that we just listen to you? I realized that I always assume that people want advice. But recently I have realized that some people just want someone to listen to them. Let us know how we can help. I know that you wanted to vent. That is good we are here to listen to your story and many of us relate. Keep it up.
  5. Welcome trad England. As someone who has been depressed I can tell you that your problems are just as real as anyone else’s. The dark pit we find ourselves in is real. I think your situation is just as valid as anyone else’s. Prayers for you tonight fellow traveler. Keep the faith.
  6. That sounds like a really bad day. I am sorry for you. I would talk it out on here if I were you. But I am not and don’t know everything going on in your life. I know that when I went off my meds everything was just great, for awhile. Then. Bad times. I am currently back on them and stabilizing well. Don’t give up and know that there are people on here that do understand and that do care. We don’t always have the right words. But we care.
  7. I feel just like you do. Try to grab control of whatever I can so that I don’t feel like a piece of driftwood in life. Thank you so much for posting. Just reading your post made my spirits go up. It is really something amazing to realize there are other people who struggle like you do. Keep it up
  8. Yep truth is the way to go. Let the chips fall and work from there. But as much as I say that I can understand your problem here. Such a hard place to be. It’s the thought of loosing the light you see at the end of the tunnel.
  9. You are very much welcome. You will find support here.
  10. Yes it seems to be helping quite a bit. I am doing a lot better. Spending time on the forums is also helping. Thanks for checking on me.
  11. I am also thankful for the forum and all the support I have been given here.
  12. Yes I do. I get comfortable with the depression. Not that when I am in depression I like it in any way. But I do get used to feeling that way. I also get anxious when I feel start to feel better. It’s like I am afraid to hope in good times. Actually hope is hard for me. I am really trying to work on this. Anyway you are definitely not alone here.
  13. I know for a fact that this is your depression speaking falsehoods to you. It will do this any way it can. And you have taken a huge step in the right direction by choosing, through pain and exhaustion, to reach out for support here. I have read that you go to therapy. What type of therapy is it? There are many different types. Some work better than others for specific individuals. Do you take any type of medication? There are so many avenues to take. You can look into emotions anonymous or depression anonymous. Keep pushing forward. One step in front of the other. I see a brave mother reaching out for someone to grab her hand and help her keep stepping forward. You have found the hands here.
  14. I would look more to how Jesus actually treated and talked to people instead of those who call themselves by his name. We are all human and make mistakes. But, He is the standard.
  15. Good place to start would probably be The feeling good handbook. This book deals with cognitive behavioral therapy. It also has a lot of other information. There is also one called the happiness trap. This deals with Acceptance and commitment therapy. I have only read the illustrated version. Both helped somewhat. I have found a lot of help in any of the books by Dr. Claire Weekes. Short and sweet. Most of these center around anxiety but do talk about depression as well. Anyway I hope this helps.
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