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  1. Today feels like a better day! Finally slept and that seems to make a big difference!
  2. For some reason, I am not sleeping much at all-2 or 4 hrs., at most. I stay up most of the night, reading, and hoping to either get sleepy and/or stay asleep. It’s so aggravating to try to force myself to sleep, which never works. I’m on a new med but obviously it’s not kicked in. I worry myself sick over my cats, as they are all I have here. Both girls are elsewhere (I never hear from one), and am a widow. I cry all the time, which WAS controlled and just want to be better. Thank you for listening!
  3. Thank you all! I’m sure this forum will be a God send!
  4. Thank you, no joy. I hate crying, crying, crying with no end in sight.
  5. Was doing really good until a few weeks ago. Nothing happened but just going down again!
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