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  1. Hi everyone, Ive been in a pretty bad depression for the past year and have recently been put on Vibryd. I also suffer from chronic headaches which has really complicated my treatment. I started on Vibryd about 21/2 weeks ago on 5mg and after a week I went up to 10mg. I’ve had headaches every day and am still feeling very depressed/anxious so my doctor is increasing the dose to 15mg then 20mg. I really want relief from the depression but am worried my headaches will get worse. Has anyone had positive results from this med? I’m being labelled as treatment resistant.
  2. Tim 52, Just wondered how you’re doing on the Vibryd. I’ve been on it for just over 2 weeks (started at 5mg then 10mg). I saw my psychiatrist today and he said to increase slowly to 15mg then 20mg. I had some mild nausea and headaches but had headaches before starting so not sure if it’s from the Vibryd. I also have “treatment resistant” depression so really hoping this might help. My anxiety is pretty bad too, Hope you’re doing ok.
  3. @Tim 52 I’ve been labelled as “treatment resistant” and have tried many treatments so trying to persist with the Trintellix. I have chronic headaches which really get in the way of my treatment. I know many people say sometimes you feel worse before you feel better but I don’t know if it’s normal to feel this much worse. This might sound strange but I find it hard to know what’s my condition and what’s “side effects” from medication. My depression is so bad I’m struggling to get out of bed and function although I do walk my dog every day. Have you managed to find something that works for you? HP
  4. @BeyondWeary Thanks for your reply. I’ll check out the book you suggested. I’m going to go back down to the lower dose until I see my doctor. I just can’t handle feeling so much worse. Hope you’ve found something that helps. At the end of the day we need to listen to our bodies.
  5. @Wheredoistart Hi, I read your post and am also having a terrible time with meds. I would love to connect with you and find out how you’re doing. I’ve been taking Trintellix for just over two weeks and feel absolutely awful. I had my dose increased from 5mg to 10mg a few days ago and feel so much worse. I’ve had bad experiences with almost every med I’ve tried. I also have quite bad depression and anxiety and would love to find something that helps but can’t go on feeling this way. I’m starting to think the answer isn’t in medication. Hope you’re hanging in there.
  6. I don’t think I can continue taking the Trintellix. I’ve been on the increased dose for 5 days and feel so much worse. I just don’t think the side effects are worth it.
  7. @BeyondWeary, Thanks for the tip. You can tell I’m a newbie! You’re right about trying to stay in the present moment. I normally love to read but my headaches make it hard to concentrate. I do have some adult colouring books so I should try to use them. I also do cardmaking but just can’t seem to get motivated to do much. I’ve also been using an app called Curable which is for chronic pain. It has some good meditations. I guess all we can do is try to do our best to keep going even if it’s just one hour at a time. Hugs, HP
  8. Oscar K, im starting to think medication isn’t the answer for me after trying many many antidepressants with no relief. I do try to walk a lot and I also have been meditating before bed. I also have chronic headaches which really affect my daily functioning. How do you manage your depression?
  9. @Tim 52, Thanks for your reply. i think what’s concerning me is that my depression (and anxiety) have worsened since starting the Trintellix. I spoke to the pharmacist today and she said that’s normal at the beginning. I try to get outside and walk every day with my dog but unfortunately that’s not helping anymore. Have you managed to find something thT helps?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Tim. I’ll try that. I’ve taken Tylenol but it doesn’t seem to bring much relief. Sometimes I wonder if the side effects of these meds are worth it. Hope you’re doing ok.
  11. Hi everyone, I’m fairly new here and have posted in a couple of other threads but thought I would share my story. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression for over 15 years which resulted in the end of my marriage almost 3 years ago. I’ve tried many antidepressants, psychotherapy and other alternative treatments like acupuncture and osteopathy, naturopaths, etc. I’m currently taking Trintellix and olanzapine. I’ve been on the Trintellix for just over two weeks and the deprsssion is awful. Ihave two beautiful kids, my own house and a dog. I also have good friends and family. I really don’t know why I’m not getting better. I guess I’m just looking for hope and encouragement.
  12. Thanks for your reply nojoy. I’m willing to put up with the headaches if it helps my depression but right now I’m just crying all the time and nothing seems to help. I think if I wasn’t so depressed I could deal with the headaches better. I’m just feeling so discouraged.
  13. These headaches are quite bad. It’s like a severe tension headache. How did you manage the headaches with Prozac? I’m so desperate to feel better.
  14. I’ve been taking it for two weeks. I did have headaches before (I’m a chronic headache sufferer) but they’ve worsened since taking the Trintellix. Tylenol doesn’t seem to do much and I don’t want to be taking it every day. I’m going to give it a few more days and see if the headaches improve. On the bright side at least I’m not having any nausea!
  15. Markinthedark, I did the Genesight testing but my doctors keep putting me on the same meds. My issue is horrible headaches, some increased anxiety and increased depression! I’m two weeks in on Trintellix and ready to quit! Everyone is so different in how they respond to these meds. I have a friend on Trintellix and she’s doing great.
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