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  1. Hi Angelaerith, I'm in and around your age group so if you need to talk or ask for some advise I'd be really happy to help of I can, I know your post is a bit old but maybe you're still needing some help
  2. Hi guys, first time registering on this type of forum as I was always just a spy for a bit of info without being a member. Well lately I've bee having a few issues that I would expect people have also faced so I might get some relief hearing how they managed. I've also a lot of years experience so I may have some helpful information to share aswell to help fellow members.
  3. Hi all, I've been on effexor for around 7 years now and I've progressively gone from 75mg to 300mg per day and I'm feeling lately that they are not as effective as they once were. My doctor seems to be clueless as to what replacement or extra medication I should go on and says I need to see a psychiatrist so she can diagnose me properly and advise the medicine I should use. My doctor wasn't the one to diagnose me originally as I only changed to her about 3 years ago after my own doctor retired. I've never had an official diagnosis as I was just told I had depression and put on effexor. I'm worried about what the psychiatrist will diagnose me with and how it will affect me as I've managed to become a fairly successful person and a good member of society without the title and I'm worried I'll 'become the diagnosis' and start to fail as a person. Has anybody been through this and have any advise? And I'm also now starting to use a lot of cocaine at weekends to try make myself feel better and I'm worried its becoming a problem. It's like I'm charging up on artificial happiness at weekends to pass time and also help with the work week ahead. I seem to be much better when I'm busy working during week days but the coke still flashes into my mind at times during the week lately.
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