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  1. Also... Contemplating whether or not I should take the Abilify? I'm afraid I will have more bad side effects. Any experiences?
  2. Markinthedark it is a GP that prescribed it to me. I don't have a psychiatrist yet but have an appointment to see one. Yesterday I felt pretty good for the most part. Today I'm a little anxious but I think it's also because I broke a tooth yesterday and it might need to be pulled. I feel like I can't catch a break. ☹️
  3. thanks everyone! I appreciate the support. hopefully it will start to help soon, because HOLY CRAPPY FEELING BATMAN!
  4. Hello everyone! I am new here, and have some questions. About 4 weeks ago I was put on 20mg fluoxetine for depression and severe anxiety. First week side effects were hell, 2nd week I felt pretty good, third week was hell again. Doc said sometimes people plateau after they get through side effects, so he increased dosage to 40mg a week ago. I feel terrible!!! Super anxious, feel like crying, irritable, shaky, and some tightness in the chest. I have updated my doc and he wants to add abilify for the anxiety. Has anyone had these experiences with fluoxetine, if so did the side effects go away and when? Did the drug help you? Any insight is helpful. I'm just so tired of feeling this way.
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