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  1. Thanks for your response. I am back to my abnormal self and feel so much better.
  2. Thank you! I think I’m just one of those people who is worse off when medicated.
  3. I am off Lex now. Decided to not take anything since I prefer my normally abnormal ways to the medicated ways.
  4. Yes! I felt high and so off. My friend loves Lex so I really tried to make it work. I needed ambien to sleep at night and still do even after stopping. I was happier being my normal abnormal self then being on Lex so I’m not on anything.
  5. I use a pill reminder app. Once you take the pill you tap the screen and it logs the time.
  6. I started Lex about 4 months ago and I am on 10mg for anxiety and OCD. I have been very very patient in trying to let it adjust and do its thing. Sometimes I feel ok (yes just ok) and other times I am beyond nauseous, dizzy, headache, fuzzy, irritable, anxious, dont sleep. Right now my head is "buzzing" and its like i can feel the outline of my head. I know that sounds weird but its hard to describe. I take Tylenol every single day for my head. The world sometimes turns sideways like wires are crossed or disconnected. I feel like I am going to pass out while commuting to and from work. I need to take Ambien to sleep because Lex has me so wired yet tired (again, weird I know) I cannot sleep yet tired during the day. I really really hate this stuff and I think 4 months has been a fair amount of time to give it a chance, right? Is anyone else in the same boat as me? I would rather deal with my pre-Lex anxiety and OCD than these issues.
  7. Yes, I just said this to my friend. I was never a big drinker, maybe 1 drink per month but now its increasing at an alarming rate and I think I do it because I want to make myself forget how awful I feel on this medication. I hate it so much. I am panicking right now about how much I hate it.
  8. @Tim 52 I may take your advice and stick on 5mg for a bit. I have a short trip coming up in 3 weeks and really do not want to be away from home while suffering side effects of an increase and then I can continue when i get back. Thank you!!! Anxiety/OCD have been a life long battle for me and finding the right med(s) has not been easy. Thanks again!
  9. I was just put on Lexapro a week ago. My psychiatrist had me do 2.5mg (half of a 5mg) for a week and then today i started on 5mg which will be for another week and then go to 10mg. My anxiety is through the roof. If I even talk about the things that have been making me panic, I may laugh b/c at this point even I am seeing it as illogical (moreso than my usual panics). This is miserable and I cannot imagine going from 10mg to 20mg. When you say you are dying, I get what you mean. I cant describe it but if I had to its like a stroke, heart attack and suffocating all at once. The only friend who relates is away on vacation and I found this forum today. I am interested in hearing others experiences on the jump from 10mg to 20mg. At this point, I dont know if I will make it to 10mg.
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