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  1. Am I worth this?😥

  2. No here they just have a sliding scale but given my current situation I cant even afford that when I need it most.
  3. i feel like my whole life is crashing right in front of me and I can't do anything about it.
  4. I've never done this before so forgive me if I'm not doing this correct. I am struggling hard with my depression and theres nothing I can do but sit here all night and feel completely trapped. I was finally starting to get through everything and have a semi normal life as a mother with 2 kids. Then on April 27 completely out of the blue my grandmother EVICTS me from my home and tells me and my family of 4 that we have 30 days to get out. This wasnt even a legal eviction just a typed up letter. since then my depression has gotten worse and worse. I cant control it. I cant get help for it because I dont have insurance. My life is completely crashing and I'm afraid I'm going to drag everyone down with me.
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