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  1. Thank you all so much for your responses guys, it means a lot to be heard and understood. I'm really glad to have found this place 🙂 @Atra -- I agree, I try to see purpose in suffering. On my better days I think that this suffering has made me a very compassionate person, and has opened me up to experiencing emotions on a much deeper level than most people, which is something to be grateful for. But often it feels like a burden that I wish I could rid myself of. @Lorax -- Yes!! There is great comfort for me in just knowing I'm not alone.
  2. Hi, my name is Jane, I'm 28, and I have suffered from depression since my early teens. I have never been medicated but I have been in therapy for many years. It has helped me a lot but I still suffer from time to time. It comes to me in waves -- sometimes I am fine and happy, then for weeks I am crying again. At this point in my life I am mostly seeking understanding. I am pretty good now at managing it and keeping it at bay, but I really feel alone and I would love to be able to talk to other people who truly know what it's like to experience this. For me, my depression is mostly existential. I worry about death above all else and I feel as though life is tragic and empty. I have a very happy life, there are lots of things for me to be grateful for, but when a dark wave of depression comes over me everything around me seems heartbreakingly sad and devoid of meaning. I am hoping to connect with others who share these feelings, I think it will help me feel less alone. Thanks for having me, I look forward to getting to know some of you. - Jane
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