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  1. I was put on 75mg of Wellbutrin. First 4 days I feel like maybe i had honeymoon effect. But on day 5 as I faced another stressful event I feel like I feel even worse and more lost than I’ve started. More anxiety, confused, paranoid, and hopeless. I don’t know if I should wait it out or stop. God I feel horrible at the moment.
  2. Jjayy2


    Each of us chooses which kind of story we want to tell. Bright side and not so bright side...
  3. Jjayy2

    Day 5

    Taking it pretty hard today since this morning. Lets see where it will lead me to
  4. Jjayy2

    L theanine

    Day 4 so far I’m doing okay. Today I took a bit of high dose of l theanine. It definitely makes a difference and smoothed out the edge and make depression and anxiety a lot easier to manage. Negative voices and feelings can’t quite touch me. But it’s not something I want to depend on because theres definitely a limitation. i wanna be back on taking black seed oil again regularly. Black seed oil had been my favorite and the most comfortable for me.
  5. Jjayy2

    Back to basics

    Day 3 since my last fall. going back to basics Mantra and fred luskin
  6. Jjayy2


    A lot going through my head. I know it’s a temporary relief. But this slows things down a bit right now. Trying to wind down before bed. Should get back to this again.
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    5/14 continued... suffered a big physical injury today which I haven’t in years. This may put halt to a lot of daily activities. A lot of negativity is so prominent in my head and in my chest luring me to fall in to the pit of darkness. Well I’m trying to forgive these and some big challenges I’m facing today. And keep pulling myself from those dark hands keep grabbing me to pull me in. Trying to see things I can still thankful for despite of this luring dark voices. get through tonight and hopefully pull myself through smoothly until my injury is healed to be back on my normal grind. And pull through smoothly as I face more challenges that’s to come. Give some time and give some space...I’m not very proficient at these and along with a lot of things in life. But I gotta try. It’s one thing that I have that gives me a bit of hope. Give some time give some space try not to do anything.. Things can happen any moment..
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    5/14 I have to remind myself continuously to put mental health as my priority. practice positivity(gratitude, deep breathing, forgiveness, etc.) continuously whether days are sunny or cloudy. because I never know when dark spirit will come at a full force and I want to be better conditioned and prepared to manage it. Did a lot of deep breathing as I chanted my mantra? In my head. also found this chakra track as I did a lot of deep breathing yesterday although I know nothing of what chakra is about. but gave me a glimpse of “good feeling” as I practice the deep breathing yesterday along with my daily mantra-ish thing I repeat daily to attempt at keeping me from falling into loud negative voices and feelings which has been very dominant since last week. A minor side effect is when I practice meditation or deep breathing is I have a problem with my memory. I forgot to set the alarm yesterday which I never do. But fortunately I was able to get up before it was too late. And felt lighter this morning. So far at least.
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    5/13 breathe breathe give time give space dont do anything breathe repeat
  10. Jjayy2


    Today I relapsed. 5/12 This is my another attempt with a different approach. To freeze. Dont do anything. F doing things. But not doing anything to be the priority. To freeze and ride it out. Dont do anything
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