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  1. I’m getting more irritated than before. I’m really contemplating getting off this med. so far I can’t see much positives than mostly dealing with ups and downs and negative side effects. It seem like I was better off when I wasn’t on this.
  2. Day 13 similar to yesterday. Feels same as before I got on the med. I feel a little less of side effects today though.
  3. I haven’t been able to skate for a couple of weeks because of sprained ankle. But today I was able to get a brief session in. For the moment it definitely brought up my mood. Hopefully this won’t cause more pain later tho because of wb side effect
  4. Today so far there’s been more anxiety and irritation and paranoid racing thoughts. Same as before I got on the med. can’t seem to relax
  5. Day 12 Feeling a bit normal today. Got a good amount of sleep since I didn’t have to wake up early today. Only thing that bugs me is the muscle and joint stiffness and pain(not a sharp pain tho). Hopefully the muscle and joint pain goes away because I’ve been thinking about signing up for a mma gym. I thought maybe mma gym may help me out with my mental health and force me to interact with people more. well let’s see how today goes. Hopefully not a lot of ups and downs and plunging pretty deep like yesterday
  6. Today feels like day 5 and 6 Low energy. Plunging down feeling depressed. Not lot of motivation. Struggle to carry on and do things
  7. Jjayy2

    Today’s gratitude

    Thank you for waking up to see another day. Thank you for my abled eyes to see. Thank you for my limbs I can use without difficulties. Thank you for letting me be able to breathe. Thank you for money in my bank account. Thank you for the roof over my head. Thank you for my ears I can hear with. Thank you for food in my fridge. Thank you for my car that I can use to drive to places. Thank you for the practice of gratitude. Thank you for moments of positive feelings as I’m feeling at the moment. Thank you for my ability continue on. Thank you for my ability to adjust and be creative. Thank you for my will to go on and tough it through even when shit seems so rough at times. Thank you for this platform to express. Usuallt i I do this in my head or on a notebook. But today I decided to do it here because I’m going through a rough time at the moment because of possible side effect from the med that I’ve been on. It made me feel a little better at least at the moment.
  8. Day 11 yesterday my mood and anxiety condition plunged around midday. I don’t know if it’s due to taking magnesium Malate or it was to happen anyways, but i started feeling it after I took some magnesium malate and took a brief nap. I’ve been feeling joint and muscle stiffness and pain possibly from Wellbutrin side effect so I took some magnesium malate and it did relieve a bit of that symptom. But I’ll just pass on taking magnesium today to see if my mood will be more stable without it. And at night my mood and racing thoughts gotten worse. Hence I wrote the last post complaining about ups and downs. This morning my moods been a little low as well compare to other mornings but better than last night. Well we will see what happens. If anyone knows what’s a good way to deal with muscle and joint stiffness due to wellbutrin, please do share. I’m physically active going to gym cardios and skateboarding so it’s such a nuisance that I have to deal with worse soreness because of the med. I take fish oil and glucosamine, protein shake daily and sometimes curcumin and black seed oil. But doesn’t seem enough for current muscle and joint issue.
  9. This ups and downs sucks ass. lets see what tomorrow will bring..
  10. Day 10 still a bit of ups and downs. And some side effects occurring sporadically. But sometimes I feel like things are leveling out. But still soon to judge.
  11. Day 9 One thing for sure it’s doing something upstair whether it’s good or bad. It’s hard to describe. All sorts of different feelings through out the day. Feels like my brains under construction or something. Whole bunch of workers rewiring or remodeling in side my head. one thing I like is I donno if it’s due to the med, it seems like I’m slower to react in anger. This is one thing I worry about the most and want to get rid of my life. Reacting to anger. Last night in bed I was feeling like I was spiraling down the dark hole again. But other than that I can’t say I hate it so far. Due to the fact my angry reactions is being patrolled even if I’m not hundred percent sure that it’s the meds
  12. Yeah I mean the doc said it’s the lowest dosage and it may not even do anything. But for me it’s overwhelmingly doing something to me whether they’re good or bad. I’d just plunged pretty hard after day 4 when some stressors came and freaked me out so I decided to double the dosage and see if it’s gonna make any difference so I can avoid reacting to anger and stress. It sure did numb me out yesterday but it was too strong for me. I’ll see where it goes. Hopefully it’ll go well. Thank you for your feedback.
  13. Day 8 took 75mg this morning. If I can I’d like to just stick to 75mg as I was recommended until the next appointment unless I feel like Im really having a hard time and I need to up the dosage.
  14. It isn’t till near the end of June. But I was thinking about visiting him tomorrow and if I can and see what he has to say about what I’m going through and if I have to change my dosage
  15. It’s day 7. I just upped the dosage without consulting. So I tried two of 75 mg which is 150 mg. I’m not reacting to agitation and feel more sedated but also too sedated and drowsy to function clearly. I like that I’m not reacting in anger and going crazy with speedy thoughts and keeping me sedated. But it’s hard to function right.
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