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  1. I know this sucks but there needs to be a solution for this. Have you ever thought of getting a pet for yourself? Animal therapy is a thing and can bring a sense of mental clarity you need in life. You can consult a mental health specialist for that.. I'm sure he can tell you more on this.
  2. First of all, you need not worry about anything. Just feel lucky that you have diagnosed your condition at an early stage as many fail to diagnose it. To improve focus and mood, you need to work on your negative thoughts. I have read somewhere that “you are what you think the whole day.” Negative thoughts **** people silently. Just think if you are getting so many troubles from these thoughts, why are you letting them produce in your mind? Always think positive. If you feel happy, you will perform well. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment for ADHD. It works and I have tried it for social anxiety and have seen positive changes. Other things that can make you feel happy are cleaning your apartment regularly, exercising regularly, learning new skills and eating a healthy diet. If you have any questions, you can ask without hesitation.
  3. i was first diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when I was around 13 year old. My foot used to bounce upside down. And the attention used to switch from one point to another within a gap of a few seconds. It was just like people, things used to fade in and out of my focus. This was just like a snipped of my ADHD Symptoms. My doctor recommended a lot of medications to start with my journey of a healthy lifestyle. And recently he added pet therapy to that. Since, then there is no looking back for me. It's not that everything was going smoothly all of a sudden. Things went smooth after a certain period of time.
  4. It’s sad to know what you’re going through right now. Well, you seem to be thinking too much mate. I guess that’s what harming you. Well, do you have a pet? I guess you should get one for yourself. My dog is really chill and keeps me in a good mood too. Like animals are pretty calming that way..I hope you get what I mean to say. They divert your mind from stressful thoughts and keep you happy. So, do you have an animal in mind that you want as a pet?
  5. I would suggest you not to use medications because they have many side effects. Go for CBT instead. You can buy CBT book on Amazon Kindle and improve your condition. Additionally, exercising, getting an emotional support animal, deep breathing, reading biographies of great people in history will also work.
  6. Getting out of your shady past can be very tiresome and daunting at the same time. Try consulting a doctor or going for breathing exercises to feel better. You can also adopt a dog for a loving companion with you at all times.
  7. This is a great idea. Take your own time because you have just finished college and there will be several opportunities that will help you achieve the desired result. Your mental health comes first so keep up with the approach.
  8. Yes it happens to the best of us, applying for new jobs is as greater a task as any. i always had my tongue in fell into my stomach, i still have to spend a suspicious amount of time with my dog after every interview.
  9. Do deep analysis of your negative thoughts and see how true are they. I bet the majority of them will be wrong. If you fear about crossing a bridge and think that you will fell in the water, remember how many times you actually did that. If you feel that you have no right to live on the earth and everyone hates you, you are thinking wrong. Everyone has people who love him. To have a better understanding of the thinking process and what is the importance of thoughts in life, get cbt from a therapist.
  10. Aah! That sounds tough to handle. Well there is one thing that can help. Do you like animals? Pets are a great way to deal with depression. They offer you the support and company which can make you feel good. And when you have a pet social interactions will naturally increase coz people like interacting with people who have a pet. So, it can help you spark up a conversation with people. Isn’t that great?. Having an animal will bring a positive change in your life. You should try it!
  11. The need for medications can only be decided by a mental health professional. You must always visit a doctor before deciding the final treatment option. Doctors might ask for medications at first. Then probably switch you to either CBT or animal assistance therapy.
  12. So, you have depression right? Trust me the side effects of meds are really harmful. Why don’t you get an emotional support animal for yourself? The presence of an animal can relax you and divert your mind. Depression can make even the smallest of things challenging. Well do you have a favorite animal?
  13. I would suggest say no to medicines for two reasons. Number one they are expensive and number two they have side effects. Try natural methods instead. Exercising, eating more veggies and fruits, deep breathing, getting enough sleep and quitting smoking and alcohol provide ultimate results. Spending time with a pet also improves mood and increases energy levels.
  14. Yeah i understand. Believe me i do. Other than the obvious medications you should try and do meditation and yoga. That really helps. Even getting a dog or a cat really helps you change your perspective towards life.
  15. I can understand how you feel. Most fears arise when you’re mentally unstable. I have gone through that phase and I know how it feels. Well, I have a piece of advice. Do you have a pet? My dog really helped me when I was in a similar situation as you. Animals keep you cheered up and this helps in reducing the anxiety or fear. So, get a dog for yourself mate. It will keep you happy and you will be able to take decisions with a stable mind.
  16. Meditation and yoga. That could help calm and relax you. Even getting a pet could prove to be good for your anxiety.
  17. Oh. yeah so try some meditation and yoga. Do that in the morning. I thought of a pet as it helps with all the love and care it gives. Also with a dog you can go out for a walk and it does help feel better.
  18. It works both ways. A vicious circle truly. Insomnia can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause insomnia. Suffering from the same for about 3 years now.
  19. Yes i understand where you are coming from. Probably getting a dog or a cat could really prove to be helpful. I got myself a dog a couple of months back and it is unbelievable how my life really has took a different turn in just this short time. Yes not healed but significantly improved. Life looks a lot better now. So yeah. You could definitely try this option. Otherwise you can try meditation and yoga. It calms you down and get that optimism inside you.
  20. This could be because of your medications. You can try contacting your doctor about it. Maybe change of medication can help. Another solution could be a dog. Hear me out a dog actually helps calm you down as a person. So yeah you could try that.
  21. Both these words scare the hell out of me. Although, I haven’t been through it I have seen people battling it. So I know it can be tough. Well, there is a brilliant solution that works wonders in fighting depression and anxiety. Get an emotional support animal. You might be confused but I have seen numerous cases where pet therapy helped people get out of the cages of depression. The reason this helps is because animals provide the needed emotional support that a depressed person needs. It can be an ideal companion you need in life. You can play, go for walks and just do lots of stuff with your pet. It just depends upon you. If you’re going through depression or anxiety, you can contact an ESA doctor. This might be a psychiatrist, therapist or any mental health expert. The doctor can evaluate your health condition and inform you about the benefits of keeping a pet for yourself. He can provide you with an ESA letter which gives you the authority to keep your pet with you without legal restrictions. Like if you have a dog, you can get it registered as an emotional support dog. The process is pretty simple. So, battling anxiety and depression is not an uphill task. You just need the right method of escape. And, animals provide that. Spend time with them and you’ll know that they provide exactly what you need.
  22. Hey rattler actually no. not right now. Have had many. But right now i am good with a dog.
  23. Thank you everyone. Honestly i want to share this with you. Its just been a week and i honestly feel that this is helping. I dont know where my time goes when i am with him. And also he is now known as “Oreo” I know its not much time to actually know about the improvement, but this week has been more happening than i dont remember when. Anyways you guys should get one too. You will love it!
  24. My doctors says that my pug helps manage my condition. He suggested me to get an ESA letter. Should i get it? Is it of any help? Can my dog really help me? I am confused. Can anyone please tell me and if possible share any examples.
  25. Thank you all for your kind words. I got a terrier today. He peed on the way home but somehow i wasn't angry at him.
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