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  1. Does anyone out there think online dating is just too much work?? I tried it again a couple of months ago, was taking to a nice guy. We seemed to have a lot in common. Then, of course, when I googled him before our first meeting, I find out he is a registered sex offender of a minor!!! WOW!! That really makes you want to continue with the online dating thing. If you have tried it, which site do you think is the most legitimate one to try? Thanks for listening.
  2. Thank all of you so much for your support. No, she was not a fan of my list. Not of the list of "Things that make me Happy", either. If I can get your opinion on something, off topic... I've been dating a man off and on for over 6 years. I love him, but I let the littlest things of him or his family just grind on me. Surprisingly, he loves me, still, and wants to be together. So are the tedious things that bother me due to my depression? Just wondering? Thanks everyone.
  3. Has anyone tried CBD oil for depression?
  4. Had my first visit. Went ok I guess. She wants me to make a list of things I like about myself. Not much on my list. Still trying to find ways to get out of the house. I guess I'll see what my second visit goes like??
  5. Just wondering what I should expect? How do I know if she is a good therapist or not? How do I even start the appointment?? Any info will be helpful.
  6. nojoy: Thank you, it's nice to know I am not alone. I'm glad you are making baby steps to deal with it. I guess time will make it better for me, but I just don't know. Thank you for being here.
  7. John-in-SF: I have not talked to her about it. I don't want the pity or the guilt time with her, and I feel as that would happen. I've thought about talking to her many times, but really do not know how to approach it. Thank you for your kind words.
  8. Hey everyone, guess I just need someone to talk to. I feel like my sister always gets great things, and I am left wondering why I can never catch a break. My sister recently married, now has 2 incomes, 2 homes ( with no house payment),, etc...Plenty of Money. I was a single mom of 2, only one left at home now, and feel like I have no future. Over the years I have had to use money out of my 401K to support me and my children. I have hardly anything for retirement. (I'm 53). I have no extra money, live pay check to pay check. I HAVE A COLLEGE EDUCATION, RN. My sister never went to college but makes more money than me. I am just tired. Tired of not having money, tired of not having a significant other/partner, and tired of having to stress about everything. I listen to my sister constantly talk about how they are looking at these brand new fancy houses so they can sell both of their current homes and get a place of there own. Everything just seems to come up roses for her. I do not think she even has a clue as to how her getting married and us not seeing each other has really affected me. I love my sister, I am happy for her, It just makes me more depressed. My daughter will be graduating next year and will move out and I will be alone. I don't want to grow old alone. I know I am just rambling. Thanks for listening.
  9. I am 53, divorced (for 15 yrs now), have a great job. This past year has been really hard for me. I lost my mother suddenly in August 2018, My son moved out (which I know is a good thing) in November, and has a great job, he is 25. I am very proud of him. My 5 yr relationship ended about that same time. I miss him, but he is not the guy I see my future with. My only sister got married in March 2019, and even though we were very close, she doesn't seem to have anytime for me. And if she does her new husband comes along (and don't forget the adult new step-son she inherited that is 21 and still lives at home, without ambition). We were both single for so long, we did everything together. Now I do not feel like I matter. My daughter, 21, is still at home and between her college classes, work, and social events, we aren't spending as much time together as we usually do. I am very proud of her too. Now my Neice and Husband, and their 1 yr old are moving out of state, this month. If I'm not at work, I am home with my dogs, usually alone. Who love me! I guess I spent so much time with my sister, I really do not have any other friends. I am feeling really lonely. I have looked into singles groups that do things, but it's mostly for the 30 somethings. Even looked into taking a class on oil painting or crafts of some kind, but I haven't been able to find anything. I usually am in bed watching tv by 7:30pm, sometimes earlier. Any suggestions? Thank you for allowing me to join the forum.
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