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  1. Very happy I found this thread even though it’s 7 years old, kinda unfortunate it hasn’t updated with peoples stories of recovery but that’s also understandable. I’ve been dealing with pretty much everything everyone has posted about on here, mine came about after I had gotten my period and I thought it was a hormonal thing but it stayed with me for about 2 months now. I was in school at the time and was stressing myself way out dealing with a final and a certification exam that I was going to be dealing with soon. I thought maybe after the exams everything was going to be okay. Passed both and still found myself not jazzed about either when I should have been over the moon especially from all the stress I put myself through. After it all it left me feeling empty and now questioning if I’ll ever feel normal again, feel the love that I once did for my incredibly supportive boyfriend through all this. I’m talking with a psychiatrist NP next week and hopefully getting put on something to bring me back to where I was and better. The week after that me and my boyfriend as going away on a vacation which I’ve been worrying about because I don’t want to ruin anything. I just want to feel normal again, I haven’t slept well in over 2 months, I’m constantly tired and can’t stay asleep, my memory of all happiness has left me and I’m just left to stew in my negative thoughts. I’ll update as I go along for anyone who finds this thread, I was reassuring to me that I wasn’t going crazy or a bad person, just someone who needed help. Keep well everyone
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