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  1. Hi everyone, Sometimes I go into depression and consume alcohol, cigarettes in the heavy amount I don't know what to do at that time I just think alcohol, cigarette helps me but it does not help it just for that night again in the morning I feel the same worries, tensions. So I want to know here how to tackle problems and how to keep control of alcohol when you are suffering from depression.
  2. Hello, I read your complete story as you mentioned one kiss has changed your life but I want to say if your bf doesn't have any problem on this and he trusts you to so I don't think you have to think a lot on this. See this is a life it happens sometimes thing get worse but you have the capacity to build it great. I will say start your life as a new start to forget about the past try to get learn from the past and we all are here with you. I wish you all the best in your life. Stay Happy and keep smiling.
  3. it very sad to hear and yes you are like us don't get demotivated in life. Try to learn something new with a problem after the hardest pain. And always forget the past be a strong human no one have the rights to judge. Be the strongest personality and later see the talks of peoples.
  4. why you don't start to eat fatty foods and carbs. Increase intake of carbs in every diet and if possible join a gym and start lifting heavy weights because it helps you to consume more foods.
  5. As above everyone is saying you need to open up with your parents is true because otherwise, the case will go worst later. Open your problems and cry loudly, I think somewhere it helps you.
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