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  1. Might try that at some point. When my wife and I skip coffee we end up with "coffee headaches" ..only remedy seems to be coffee then the headache goes away in minutes. Those are the only headaches I usually get, but my wife has many ..this is worth a try. Thanks. Going to have to switch to tea or something because that "coffee time" we share in the morning has been a good thing ..nix the headaches and it would be better.
  2. Thanks BW and LonelyHiker for your show of support.
  3. Just found this online, "Guided by Medicare mandates, dialysis clinics all employ a masters level social worker MSW". Have you talked to a MSW from your dialysis clinic about psychiatrists? If your primary care doc can't give a referral, maybe a MSW can help you find one that works with dialysis patents.
  4. Hi Oscar K, I like your wording "depression cave". In fact, I'm going to leave the D Cave right now and hit the gym. While working out I'm going to brainstorm clever things that might help me deal with Old Man Depression. Thanks for the welcoming post...
  5. Hi xwaxpoeticx, Sorry to hear about your medical problems and about the tough time you're having with the woman you recently met. I don't think she handled things very well. I can see how wounded you must have felt when this all went down. But from my vantage point you seem to be a guy who has been taking charge and dealing with your health issues pretty well. Other than beating yourself up over things with your lady friend (and I'm not down playing that one bit, all relationships are hard) and the rum/med cocktail thing; I think you're making some really good choices. You're looking for a psychiatrist, you're very concerned about your meds, you're looking for love, you are reaching out for advice, support and friendship. All of these are very very good things. Healthy things. I think you're on the right path, just don't blame yourself over things that are out of your control. and keep up all the good work you're doing for yourself.👍
  6. Thanks Epictetus, Yes, I guess I wasn't that clear and didn't give lots of detail. Just feeling out the forum and will probably get more detailed once I figure out how best to use this site. Years ago I started reading John Bradshaw, M Scott Peck, Melody Beattie and others after watching some of Bradshaw's videos about toxic shame and how it is transferred from generation to generation by way of abuse and neglect. My problem was I learned quite a bit about it, but I chose to be a pseudo expert by reading lots about it and doing very little of the work that it takes to get better. Now, for a lot of reasons, I am experiencing much depression and it has been very hard for me to function at the level I need to be functioning at. At times it's severe and literally paralyzing. In the past I think, at most, I might have been dealing with a low grade depression. Now it can be almost unbearable and that is why I'm scrambling around trying to figure the best way to go about this. Thanks again for you comments Epictetus.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm here looking for help, info, advice and anything that can help me get a handle on my depression ..which is serious at times. I'm in a serious funk; have been for years but lately I've not been taking care of business and things are getting quite bad. I hope to start therapy soon and get on a routine. I have huge family of origin issues, the cause and remedy of which I believe I figured out some 30 + years ago, but the problem was never addressed properly. I never did the work. I know it's not likely that I will be able to intellectualize my way through it this time either so therapy is at the top of the list. I know I have my work cut out for me.
  8. Hi Lina31 ..Thanks for sharing the story about your father, it must have been really hard on you and your family. I'm dealing with a paralyzing bit of depression myself and so I might know how your father was feeling, but it may be too early for me to give you any advice as I'm beginning to work on my depression starting today and sort of winging it. I can tell you some of the things I'm going to start doing ..this might help, but either way I've got to do something about this now. I know I need to start small and build as I go. I know that I need a routine and so I'm going to set my alarm to wake up at the same time each day and try to have a regular bedtime too. I'll start going to the gym, eating better and find a therapist. This is enough for me now as I'm quite overwhelmed with things in my life now and so I don't want to get too ambitious to soon. I do know that I'll be noodling around this forum to get ideas and find support. Good luck Lina31, hope you stick with it ..I'll try to do the same
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