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  1. Been on the 300mg now for 3 days. I feel sad and I'm quick to anger. I figure it has to be the medication. I'm going to give it through the weekend but if this mood continues I'm going to have to discontinue it. I feel like crying and I'm thinking about upsetting and sad things. Its very weird.
  2. Hi all. I've been on Wellbutrin for over 3 weeks now. I went to the doctor for a follow up visit today and he doubled the strength to the 300mg time released ones. I haven't had it filled yet as I wanted to finish out the rest of the 150mg first. I can only say I don't really feel good but I don't feel bad even though I have had some depressive moments off and on. At this stage I can't say it is helping me other than I do have a greater ability to concentrate at work and someone higher energy levels. I only had the honeymoon effect on day one but that was several hours in (about 9 hours) that I could consciously tell that I was feeling different. I didn't feel this any other subsequent days. I will update this thread once I have begin the 300mg regimen and see if I have any changes. I really enjoyed the honeymoon effect. Would be great to feel that way all the time!
  3. Hi all. I am on Day 3. I didn't feel any honeymoon effects yesterday or today although my energy levels and alertness are elevated slightly. I still have depressive thoughts and day to day stress so as of today it is difficult to say if I feel "better". I don't feel worse but I think I'm probably just a bit flat from Day 1. I will continue to update on my progress.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I just started and feel honeymoonish on day 1. I will also post my updates to see if they are consistent with yours,
  5. I asked my doctor for something to help me focus and concentrate better at work and he suggested Wellbutrin. I did my homework online and decided to give it a shot. I took my first dose around 7:30AM and could feel the effects within 2 hours or so. I felt more alert but still have foggyness from depression I've been experiencing from a very detrimental 2018 year. I will say that if today is an indication of whats to come with Wellbutrin then I look forward to what it may bring. I did feel much more able to concentrate today and hope it continues to get better. I will keep the forum posted on my progress.
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