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  1. Thanks for the replies. Maybe only seeing her every three weeks is a factor. My other therapist I used to see every week. I think I am going to go one more time then try and find a new therapist. I just don't look forward to going to therapy with her.
  2. I fear that I will live to be old like 80 or 90. Living that long when I dont find any joy in life is terrifying to me.
  3. I have been going to a therapist for 5 or six months she is not the best one I have had but she is close to where I live and my insurance accepts her. Last appointment I realized that I was sitting there with my muscles all tensed up and realized I never really relax when I am there. I dont know if I should give it longer or try and find a new one. I have alot of anxiety about meeting new people and hate the thought of starting over.
  4. Thanks I went back to the doctors and switched to prozac and am feeling so much better.
  5. I started taking paxil like 3 months ago I'm on 40mg now and my anxiety is so much worse. I have started self harming again dont know what to do.
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