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  1. Optimistic that my new medication regime is helping. Although I am getting the basics done I don't feel like doing much more than that. It seems the energy I have is anxious energy and is not productive energy. I am better than I was so I don't want to complain. Just wish I could find some sense of normal. Ha Ha right define normal. I envy people I see running around getting so much done and it seems they don't have a care in the world. Meanwhile, my mind is constantly worrying about things I have no control over and it is exhausting. I have a PRN for anxiety but I don't just want to pop pills constantly to survive. I have enough pills I have to take. Besides the anxiety med just makes me more tired. I would just like to find a balance, a happy place if you will. One day I hope to feel that again, its been so long. Jay B.
  2. @jen78sc To answer your question are the generics exactly the same unfortunately the answer is probably no they are not exactly the same. The good news is they have the same active ingredient paroxetine. The only real difference is any additives the different manufacturers may use. For some, they notice a difference as there may be a different inactive ingredient in one that was not in the other but typically you will notice no difference. I have taken both and I was not able to tell any difference. I would suggest taking a few doses of the new medication while you still have some of the ones you have been taking just in case you are sensitive to the new ones you will have a supply to hold you over until you can get the brand changed or get a "name brand medically necessary" Rx filled. I hope this helps. I currently take Paxil, if you have any other questions I am glad to help. Jay B.
  3. @Dem Is your Trazadone being prescribed for sleep and anxiety or just insomnia? I ask that because sometimes Trazadone is used to treat anxiety as well and if your doctor did not prescribe the Trazadone as PRN (only as needed) then he or she may be using it to treat your anxiety as well. Just a thought. If your doctor did prescribe the Trazadone as needed I would absolutely see no harm in trying night of sleep without using it. The fewer meds we have to take the better far as I am concerned. To answer your question about the Sertraline at 50 mg causing you to have trouble sleeping it certainly is a possibility. Everyone is different and unfortunately, the only way you will know for sure is when / if your doctor prescribes that dose. Sertraline is known to cause insomnia in some people. I hope this message finds you doing well. Jay B.
  4. @Charlee Be sure to talk to your doctor before you stop your Lexapro. You may already know that but I am being serious. You can have terrible symptoms stopping any type of anti-depressant too abruptly so please just be cautious.... I often wanted to stop my medication as well. I would ask some of the same questions. Who am I really? What is this medication doing to me? Etc. Anyhow years into this I have learned I will never be able to stop taking medication. It does not mean you have the same fate but often times at least when prescribed correctly we are not put on Anti-depressants unless we have a history of being depressed for long periods of time and the depression affects our daily lives. I want you to be happy and if stopping your medication does that for you then that is a good thing, but please involve your doctor in your medication adjustments. I was on Lexapro way too long 10+ years and it was not working for me anymore. It may not be working for you anymore even after two years. Maybe there are some other medication options for you. You mentioned not feeling so good atm and I agree with you that this would not be a good time to stop your medication, but instead a good time to talk to your doctor and possibly try something different. I hope this message finds you feeling better and I am not trying to lecture you please don't take what I am saying out of context. I've just been exactly where you are and know exactly how you feel. Just trying to help. 😀 Jay B.
  5. I am feeling optimistic today. Although my day started with a blow out while driving down the road. At least I had what it takes to get out and changed the tire so I could arrive safely home. Think I am going to introduce some Paxil back into my medication regime today and see if I can get my depressed mood picked back up a bit. My Pdoc says it is ok to do so and I've had support here saying it may be a good thing to do as well so I am going to give it a shot. So glad I found all the caring people that are in the forums. Sometimes this is what gets me through another day! Jay B.
  6. I am sorry you are feeling this way. I can relate I've had my fair share of sleepless nights and up and about crying over anything and everything. Please be sure your eating, drinking, taking your meds (if you take meds) and taking care of you! You are NOT USELESS! You are here sharing your story and reaching out and it takes a lot of courage and strength to do that! I hope this message finds you feeling better, we are all here if you need more support! Jay B.
  7. I am grateful and glad I joined www.depressionforums.org. Sometimes I feel like no one else can be experiencing "exactly" what I am, or what I have so it makes me believe no one would understand so why explain. Right? Wrong, I have learned now that I can come here and interact with people who know exactly how I feel, been through what I have been through and genuinely understand. I am able to vent, get great advice, and realize (other than a therapist telling me) that I am not alone in this. It gives me hope and makes me feel good that so many people are here supporting one another! It may sound cliche but it is how I feel. Thank you, all of you!!
  8. @MarkintheDark Thank you SOOO much for the response and input. My Pdoc did give me permission to go back on the Paxil and I think that is what I am going to do. Well more specifically stay on 0.5mg of Viibryd and introduce the Paxil back in slowly. I would not wish this on my own worst enemy. It seems we almost have to be our own pharmacologists in a sense because there are so many variables and only we know how we feel. She had given me permission to stop the Viibryd entirely if need be but I can handle the low dose with no side effects. My only fear of adding the Paxil back in is losing the energy the Viibryd is giving me, but it is not helping my depression and I need to have something on board that is helping my depression so this bit of encouragement is what I needed. I will keep you posted, tomorrow I am going to add 10 mg of Paxil for a week or two and see how I am feeling. Perhaps if I use the minimum amount of Paxil that I need for the depression I will not lose the energy the Viibryd has given me. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post, it gave me a lot of encouragement.
  9. @sober4life Good for you getting TV!! I am glad you are overcoming your fear of people enough to take a big step like that. I am sure you will enjoy having television to watch, and once installed they should have no other reason to be showing up to your house. Congrats on your accomplishment!! 😀
  10. Depressed and struggling today. Viibryd is just not working for me. The maximum I can tolerate is half of a 10 mg pill (0.5 mg) without terrible nausea, and dizziness. I was taking 40 mg of Paxil before which was helping but I was a little tired and was longing for just wanting to "feel a little bit better" so my Psychiatrist switched me to Viibryd and I am suffering ever since. I am going to try introducing the Paxil back into my system, I felt so much better than this before. I feel like crying all the time which is not me. Another medication change/adjustment and another failure. It is sometimes depressing trying not to be depressed if that makes any sense. Anyone ever been on Viibryd and Paxil together?
  11. @Charlee I don't think people give animals enough credit sometimes. Obviously us animal lovers do, but as a whole animals help us in SO MANY different ways. From predicting seizures, companionship, police dogs, therapy pets, the list goes on and on. Where would we be without our furry friends? Pet lovers take a few extra moments today to let your furry friend know just how much you appreciate them! I hope you are feeling better and doing well. I am still battling a medication adjustment and just don't know which way to go with it at the moment. Such is life. Hope you have a Great Day!
  12. Bit overwhelmed but overall not a terrible day, managed to get a lot done! I’m doing my best not to let these medication adjustments hold me back!
  13. I wish you luck!! If you don’t mind me asking how many milligrams of Viibryd are you starting on? Medications affect everyone differently the Viibryd gave me considerable energy but also dizzy I had it and nauseous. I am currently down to 5 mg ( Half of the 10 mg pill ) as anything above that was keeping me awake at night and also making me anxious. It does not mean the medication won’t work great for you and very well-may. If you have any of the common side effects I suggest you try to tough them out for at least a week or two because the medication can really be a big help if you’re looking for some motivation and a change in your overall mood for the better. If you have any questions please feel free to message me or ask me here I’m glad to help.
  14. Today kinda sucks for me. My new medication is making me anxious, nauseated, hypervigilant and frustrated. Therapy, medications, sobriety, pushing myself, trying the Depression Forums. It feels like I am fighting so hard with so little reward. I just want to be happy, focused, and have some normal energy and not be all jacked up from a pill. See my Psychiatrist Wed. so hopefully we can try ANOTHER medication, or hell at this point I would just as well go back to what I was on. I felt soooo much better. I feel myself falling, losing hope, and giving in, and I simply cannot let that happen. That is when the dark side of things tend to come to mind, then I end up in a full blown depression not leaving the house, and pretty much not able to do anything. I sure hope to get ahead of this and feel better soon. Thanks to everyone for there continued support, comments, and messages!! It means a lot and truly does help! Jay B.
  15. I hope this message finds you doing well. You are brave and ambitious and have come so far. You've got this!! If you're struggling along the way, we are all here to help! I am in recovery as well and it can be a scary place some days. We are only one bad day/decision away from no longer being in recovery and being back on the other side of the fence. I know you can do this. It is encouraging to me more than you know when I see you fighting and getting through, it makes me feel like I can fight and make it through too. Eventually, fewer days will be a fight and things will simmer down and hopefully be easier and you can enjoy this new chapter of your life. Right now from where I am standing you are putting up an awesome fight and kicking butt! Keep up the good work!
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