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  1. It’s not cheap, insurance doesn’t cover it.. I have no idea what TMS is...
  2. I am still on 20mg, it helped with some of my anxiety but not all... I found a place that does nuerofeedback, Retrains your brain and I have had 9 sessions and seen greater improvement than celexa
  3. My day revolves around how I feel when I wake up, super sensitive to “how I am feeling” the fear of not getting better, the fear of anxiety coming back even when I feel fine. I am a serious ruminator, mind always running.
  4. Ok, but I also haven’t been on celexa that long.. shouldn’t I give it some time before adding or changing anything?
  5. The klonopin does help, but I hate relying on it fir daily use. Even at .5 mg... Doc has talked about using me to 40mgs next month if I don’t improve... I had two days earlier this week where I felt great. Followed by some crappy days.
  6. hey all- suffered from panic disorder that has manifested into generalized 24/7 anxiety... tried Zoloft, lasted 2 days and nausea was too much. Cymbalta madecmy blood pressure rise, but now I have been on celexa for 10 days and 20mgs for 9 days... my anxiety is through the roof.. have had to tak klonopin the last 3 days... just need reassurance... this is normal right?? 4 weeks at 20mg for results?
  7. Yeah, I hope it helps too. Thanks for getting back to me.
  8. So, I was started on 30mg Cymbalta 3 plus weeks ago, but had bad sides, nervousness, high blood pressure and no sex drive or function. Doc started a switch to celexa and I was on both 30mg. Cymbalta and 10mg celexa for a week and felt pretty good, 5 days ago he cut my Cymbalta in half, today is Day 9 of celexa and my anxiety is thru the roof! Could I be having withdrawal led from Cymbalta? Or do you think it sounds like celexa start up? Anyone with experience? If not, just tell me it will be ok. Lol thanks in advance
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