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  1. Countryman and MargotMontage, thank you for your replies.
  2. Sober4life, tell me about your supernatural experiences.
  3. Riverlight, I've tried to PM you. Please let me know if you've received it.
  4. Rattler6, I have a new home which is ok but I miss my old home. I like your avatar.
  5. I've got a problem with a leaking toilet. I cant have anyone around to mend it yet as the bathroom isn't clean enough. I don't like having workmen come to the house. One of them was hostile towards me but I will have to have someone round.
  6. I struggle to do anything because of my depression. What helps me is doing everything a bit at a time and having breaks inbetween.
  7. I've been looking at depression chat rooms. They either don't work properly or they are weird and hostile. Anyone had similar experiences?
  8. I struggle a lot with housework because of depression. The only way I can do it is a bit at a time. Theres rubbish on the floor at the moment. I look at people with clean houses and wonder how they do it. Its horrible that everyday tasks are so difficult to do. I hope you don't get thrown out.
  9. I'm struggling to stick to my extreme diet and have eaten too much but I will keep trying. Thanks TopekaK and JD4010 for your replies.
  10. I do puzzle books (crosswords, word searches etc). They distract me a bit. Also watching quiz shows and ASMR videos.
  11. Has anyone on here had any supernatural experiences?
  12. Thank you for your reply, JessiesMom. I miss the countryside. I lived there all my life. I did have some control and independence when I had the house because I didn't have to worry about rent as I owned the property.
  13. Hello Cass87. It sounds like your boyfriend has a problem showing gratitude. I think it's best not to buy him anything.
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