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  1. Thank you for your replies. I believe that mental illness can put someone in touch with spirits. I think that medication changes perception. I believe that it has made me less aware of supernatural entities but that they are still there. It's like fiddling with an aerial and picking up different things.
  2. I'm angry with my parents for giving me life. Why have they done this to me? I wasn't bothering anyone. I just didn't exist. There was no need for them to breed. They knew I would have to go to school for 11 years. School was awful. They knew I would have to go to the toilet and all the other boring things I have to do like washing etc. I'm sick of being alive. My life is long and miserable. I'm sick of all the things I'm expected to do. Why should I do them? I didn't ask to be given a life. I don't want it. The phrase, 'the gift of life' sickens me.
  3. I'm on Venlafaxine. I find it has stopped working for me. I'm going to try to get a different medication. I take it every day but everyone's different. I think a lot of it is trial and error.
  4. A braggawork is someone who claims to do lots of work and puts down those who can't work because they're I'll. They brag about supposedly doing lots of work. They're not as busy as they make out because if they were they wouldn't have enough time to judge other people. What do they know about how I struggle with life? I have tried really hard to get work but all I've found is discrimination because of my mental illness and scams. I'm so sick and tired of braggaworks.
  5. Thank you for your replies. At the moment, I'm trying to do a job every hour on the hour. I need to get the place tidy. It's so hard with this depression. I've met people who brag about how much work they do, trying to make me feel bad. They don't understand about how paralysing depression can be, but I will keep trying to get things done.
  6. I feel awful. My depression has robbed me of so much. I'm struggling to do even basic tasks. I'm just trapped in my mind, with horrible flashbacks. I see their faces in my mind and remember what they said and the way they said it. All day every day. My life is strange and I live within the confines of depression. I'm unable to do much. I either have anxiety or depression. It goes around in a cycle. At the moment I'm depressed. I think about suicide all the time. I try to starve myself to death but I eat too much. I have terrible heartburn which doesn't respond to medication. I have toothache and headaches. My depression is unbearable. I don't know how to shift it. I just want to feel better.
  7. Coz, I think I might have removed one of your likes by mistake. I was trying to put a like on your post but it said my response had been removed. Sorry.
  8. Thank you for your replies.
  9. Yes I do puzzle books. They help to distract me a bit.
  10. I'm very depressed. I can hardly move. How are you?
  11. Countryman and MargotMontage, thank you for your replies.
  12. Sober4life, tell me about your supernatural experiences.
  13. Riverlight, I've tried to PM you. Please let me know if you've received it.
  14. Rattler6, I have a new home which is ok but I miss my old home. I like your avatar.
  15. I've got a problem with a leaking toilet. I cant have anyone around to mend it yet as the bathroom isn't clean enough. I don't like having workmen come to the house. One of them was hostile towards me but I will have to have someone round.
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