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  1. I have dealt with major depression for over 25 years now. Been on anti-depressants for just as long. I was in a deep depressive episode for the last 5-6 months. Had one hospitalization. While I have been coming out of this episode, a new, embarrasing symptom has started. Anytime I see or hear, or even read something sappy, cute, or inspirational I start to cry. I get that lump in my throat, the shaky voice, and of course the tears. It is an immediate physical reaction that I can't stop, although I can control somewhat once it has started. I have never had these intense reactions before, and it is occuring 20 to 30 times a day. It is really embarrasing and affecting my day to day life and relationships (due to the embarrasment). Is there something broken in my brain? Could the long-term use of medicine cause organic damage in my brain? Again, this just recently started, and is happening way too often. Anyone experience something like this, or know what is wrong with me?
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