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    Me too. You are not alone in this. It’s messed up because we really need people, and yet depression tells us it’s the last thing we need. Continue to try to get out and be with people. And let’s try rob be nice to ourselves
  2. I’m sorry you are so lonely, particularly at this time when you are pregnant and Could really use support and celebration. I know how difficult it can be to be a loner, to feel the safety of isolation and the terrible loneliness of isolation. I’m glad you came to the forum to share. We need each other as human beings. Please know you are not alone, and continue to reach out.
  3. Hi, I am 48 and also struggling with depression. I am having a hard time doing anything and find it all very lonely. It feels really important to get support and it can be difficult if people don’t respond here. I want to tell you you are not alone. So many of us are in the same boat.
  4. Sounds kind of demeaning to me. Can you tell him you are trying to be helpful?
  5. I have really isolated myself from people. I guess it’s a lame way of trying to control my anxiety, and fear of disappointing others. I didn’t notice that my life was becoming smaller and smaller, I thought it felt comfortable. Now I find myself quite alone, which is hard because I have depression and anxiety so trying to connect with people is that much more difficult. Does anyone relate? What has helped you?
  6. Sim66


    Thank you for your thoughtful and hopeful reply
  7. I feel for your pain David. I also avoid confrontation at all cost or speak up for myself. It seems to build up and increase my depression and anxiety. I also have struggled with addiction, so I understand the pull. Do you go to 12 step meetings? It can be good to go and talk about how your feeling. Also it gets me out of the house and with others. Sometimes I don’t connect to what is being said, but overall it is a lot better than staying home. I am rooting for you. You are not alone.
  8. Sim66


    I am really wanting to feel like there is hope. If anyone has anything hopeful I would love to hear about it. Thank you
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