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  1. Didn't get any sleep last night. Time to try to survive through work today. Wooooo
  2. I'm doing alright right now. Keeping myself busy trying to stay numb. Right now I would say I am lacking emotion or my emotions feel dulled. There isn't anyone in my life that I can talk to about personal matters so I'm just keeping my wall up around everyone. Feeling is nice but surviving is more important.
  3. @Epictetus Oh, Nice! If you don't mind me asking, did you build anything cool?
  4. @Hidiety I definitely understand that. If our thoughts get trapped in our minds for too long, they stop being objective and just become ridiculous and not quite reality. Always good to get a fresh perspective from others that aren't in the middle of the situations that are happening.
  5. @Extremebeginner Thank you for the advice. I usually end up dropping my calories too fast once I start dieting then make myself miserable for a couple of weeks then back to my usual eating habits. I'm looking for diets that are filling but also healthy. Dieting and health has always been such a big way to get money from consumers though so there is just too much pseudo science and junk information on the Internet.
  6. Very hungry. I'm not very good at dieting so here we go again haha.
  7. @Hidiety Hey Sorry for the late response. Life got busy. I also play games but I am more into Rouge-Like or story based games. I did play the Fornite Save the World but I'm not a huge fan of the Battle Royal version. I mainly play PC. Right now my go to game has been risk of rain 2. I also enjoy listening to music. My music taste has a decent range. Punk, Electronic, Rock, Symphonic, a bit of Rap etc. I decided to join DF because in my everyday life I am pretty socially isolated. At work I am the only one in my department and at home I live alone with my cat. I wanted to find a community of people to interact with that have had similar experiences to mine. How about you? What brings you to DF?
  8. Trying to get back on the right path again. I just want my friends back.
  9. Hello there! Unfortunately, I do not think I am the right person to give you advice on the situation so since you are interested in talking I'll be straying away from the post though I hope your situation will be able to get better. I don't believe we have talked before so hello there and nice to meet you. What kind of activities do you like to do for fun?
  10. I don't want to be here anymore. I'm not sure why I keep going or keep trying. I'm just stuck and can't find a way out.
  11. Doing better. Yesterday was a very productive day. Got the lawn mowed, dinner cooked, and jogged at the park. Started my diet yesterday so time to lose some weight. Trying not to think about everything that's happened and just trying to move forward.
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