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  1. You’re very welcome. Please come back and chat anytime. I’ve got lots of life experience and one of the things I’ve learned is you are never the only one going through something. I find comfort in that. I had to message you, you remind me of my son. He’s soon to be 17 and went through hell with bullying at school which led to his mental health issues, which he found the strength to work through. Not saying they won’t return sometime, they could. The fact that you question things and think deep about them can lead to solutions but yes it can also be stressful!
  2. Hi 15anddepressed this is my first post on here, I have only just joined. You actually prompted me to sign up just so I could reply to you. I’ve always been a reader of the forums till now. I’m glad to see you have had a couple of lovely replies already. I’ve struggled with depression since my teenage years which was a long time ago now and I am now a mum to two grown up children. Sometimes and even at my age you just want your parents to get you, make you feel safe and to reassure you. I still look for that now and even though I know my parents love me they just don’t connect with that vulnerability in me. I suppose I have only just learned to stop seeking their understanding and it may even be painful for them to see I have my issues. The energy I spent on them is better spent on me. I don’t mean to sound harsh on them, I love them dearly but I now just do normal stuff and have normal conversations with them rather than getting upset or too emotional when they are not understanding my mental health. From being a parent my point of view is that I can find myself being disappointed in my children when they don’t do something to my standard and if I make them feel inadequate I feel guilty. It is not my intention, ever. I am realising that disappointments I have in them are actually disappointments I have in myself and by berating them I (wrongly) think I am protecting them from other people looking down on them in the future. Anyway I just wanted to reach out to you, you seem to have some good self awareness at such a young age. You should be proud of that and who you are.
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