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  1. Hi. I was given a prescription for deanxit a month ago, but... I decided against taking the medicine. I read that it makes me drowsy, and I have to concentrate on my studies. I am wondering if there's something else besides deanxit that I could try? (please don't tell me to go to the doctor, I hate going there..). I am looking for an option besides medicine. I just don't want to cry and/or have a panic attack every other day. I am tired of my symptoms, and want the pain to go away, but I don't want to take meds. Honestly, for a while, walking in front of a car seemed like a viable option... Until I learned that there is something in me that is still fighting. And for me, that 10% is a good enough reason to stay. I've fought for 9 years, I can fight for 20 years... As long as I have a purpose, I can keep going. My problem is... I have moments of uncontrolled movement (where I hit myself)... And sometimes bad thoughts come to mind (for me to hit someone else or make someone cry or whatever)... I take it that that is bottled up anger. I do leash out in anger sometimes, but... I try to maintain my cool. Are there any options besides medicine?
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