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  1. Thks Nojoy. Anxiety is building up too with me but I believe this is more about the fact that I procrastinate with all the "tasks" which keep on piling up eventhough I am keeping those to a minimum. If anyone of you has a trick to get on the move in spite of this negative inner force which only want to stay in bed, please share it. Thks to all reading this.
  2. I am now also at 60. Not feeling any better though... Suicidal thoughs in the morning are the worst... I am losing faith in medecine...
  3. Thks Soarsie. I have been for 3.5 weeks at 40mg now. More than 7 weeks have elapsed since I started this at 20 mg. I am getting desperate for it to kick in other than for side effects...
  4. Hi, I am at 40 mg but still feel nothing better (other than constipation and dry mouth when I started it). How does one notice it works? I am hardly able to get out of bed. Thanks
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