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  1. I agree with JessiesMom. Exposure to tendencies with something very repetitive like most video games could occur. Repetition and routine is important to most people & sometimes breaking a routine can be really stressful. Obsessive (without compulsion) and Addiction disorders also exist in this area. It's a good talk to have with a professional. If you have already, OCD could just have been an underlying factor but video games are probably not the cause in my own opinion.
  2. Sleep Paralysis is something I have suffered from since I was about 8, the time my OCD started to flare up. Episodes were more common in the middle of the night or when taking a nap during the afternoon. After speaking with my mother around 17, I found she had them too. They became less scary with the present knowledge of what was really happening. I have tried to move away from heavy sedating medications like zoloft and prozac. I started Viibryd almost 5 months ago and am currently taking 40mg. I noticed I had more episodes of sleep paralysis at 20mg but thought 'hey thats nothing new'. However now I am having 10 or 15 episodes in one night which throw me into a panic and upset my affliction to check the doors over and over as I pace. Its not every night, however it's frequent and it upsets my whole body for days. Even when I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, and the fact I take 15 mg of Valium a day, I still panic about finally closing my eyes. It's an odd thing going from insomnia to parasomnia. There is something different about this medication and my sleep paralysis episodes. A normal episode last about 10 minutes, sounds are amplified to screaming, the dark is darker, dread and immediate danger feel overwhelming, the occasional vision of someone in the room, and of course I cant move or speak. My episodes on Viibryd include all of the above but are magnified to a state I can't work through the episode with rationalizing what's actually happening, they come back as soon as I break free and close my eyes again, deep voiced auditory hallucinations, and in order to break free from the episodes I must find a way to get myself fully awake again and then lay on my stomach. I wasn't aware of these specific side effects until I read the lawsuits online for others suffering in the same way in 2016. Reading everyones comments here also help validate that i'm not just upsetting myself into a tizzy. I'm feeling pretty confident that Viibryd is not for me personally.
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