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  1. Is it really as easy as changing the way we think and view things? If so, why is it so hard to change the way we think? I don't want to be depressed. Don't want to be pitied or felt sorry for. Don't want people to feel like they walk on eggshells around me either. I don't. I just want to feel confident, hopeful and feel at ease like so many seemingly do. Depression is a hard disease because most people think we are the problem and that we don't want to be happy (i find myself thinking this sometimes)- but why would anyone CHOOSE to be unhappy? And is it fair to be classified that way for the few who do take advantage? I would love nothing more than to post that I've been cured and found happiness, but then again I would never because I wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad or unworthy of such a miracle should it ever happen. I do feel guilty when someone is suffering more than me. Am I boxing myself into depression for feeling his way?
  2. Sad, hopeless, mad at myself for fearing happiness because god will punish me if I dare to feel any kind of happiness or hope.
  3. Hello, newbie here looking for help and guidance as I don't have insurance or money for counseling. But to ne honest counseling never really helped anyway. I've suffered from depression since I was a teen. I'm 45 now and have been stuck in this bout of depression since 2014. I'm scared because it never lasted this long before and I have lost 4 jobs, have a son who won't speak to me, while my relationships with my 2 other children and husband are hanging on a string. I live in isolation and am terrified of going outside as I might run into a neighbor. I've lost my ability to communicate and can't get a job because I'm horrible with interviews. I don't know what to do anymore and I can't stand myself since becoming a burden to my family. Please send any suggestions on how to fake an interview so that I can get a job and distract myself again with working and earning a living. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Joshua, I'm not sure what subconscious communication is but will look into it. I have listened to hypnotherapy while falling asleep and that has helped me in the past. (Just search on youtube) Thank you for reminding me of this option! I am going to start this again tonight in hopes it will help to lessen this funk I have fallen into. Good luck to you, and me, and everyone else suffering from feelings of unworthinness, unhappiness and despair. ❤
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