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  1. It's amazing what a little bit of hope can do
  2. I've been super busy. It really feels like this nightmare is starting to come to an end. Just another 3 weeks to go now. Still I know once these exams are over I will have new problems that i'll have to face. But I guess I'm feeling stronger. I feel like theres a light at the end of the tunnel and now at least I stand a chance at getting out.
  3. Glad I’ve got some good news for once haha
  4. I’m in a bit of shock. The exam went well. Was such a hard exam that everyone came out crying, it felt so weird to be the only one not crying. I guess theres more going on in my head than what I thought, haha don’t feel so stupid anymore. I want to thank everyone for comforting me yesterday because I really was at breaking point, and I just can’t believe that I got through it, so thank you
  5. I just really really really really wish I could have a re-do. I've messed things up for good.
  6. I'm going to mess up another exam tomorrow. Sad thing is I was actually starting to get some hope that I will get my grades this year. Nope just not going to happen. I literally have nothing else to live for. Completely useless to everyone.
  7. You don't deserve that from anyone sober, not from God either. If it's true, that someone like you deserves to suffer so much, then I've lost faith in the whole system. There's no justice. none.
  8. Yeah me too sober. If I think that someones doing all of this to me intentionally though I get really really mad, so I guess I’d rather believe that its all just a coincidence
  9. Well this human cheese is 100% made from people.. if you catch my drift
  10. Human cheese. Heard it on the radio this morning (conveniently when I was puking). You don't want to hear how they make it
  11. Yeah you're right. In a way I wish I could see it that way, maybe I'd be able to make peace with it that way. But yeah, I just can't believe it myself
  12. Me too. And I hate it when people say it's fate or everything happens for a reason
  13. Thank you. This one was only worth 3%. I have another exam this friday, then six more in about a month.
  14. Had my 3 hour exam today. Went to bed early last night. Woke up at 3am in the morning and was puking everywhere. 2 hours later had to get up again to get dressed. As I was getting dressed, felt I was gonna puke again. Had to take a bucket with me in the car. Managed to get through the exam somehow without puking at all. I made so many stupid mistakes, also turned out that everyone in the school knew what experiment we had that day. No one thought to tell me . So yeah overall a very bad day. Funny thing is I never get sick, so what are the chances that today would be the day that I do.
  15. We don't really have a say in what happens to us, do we ?
  16. I wish I could move out to somewhere else
  17. Please don't ask me to get your hairbrush when it's further away from me than it is from you, I'm not your PA
  18. Oh god.. my mum came into my room again and basically repeated that everything was my fault, that she’d lost her family because of me. I was so cross I stabbed myself with my pen. The ink has gone in really deep and it stings now.
  19. Granted I’ve had a horrible day with my mum, but I know you’re relationship is very different. Just because she’s your birth mum doesn’t mean theres automatically a connection. To me it doesn’t sound like you owe her any more than that, she’s being taken care of, and now you can focus on taking care of yourself.
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