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  1. How is everyone feeling about the trend that tomorrow is national rape day ? The idea that rape should be legal on the 24th. For me it’s concerning the amount of guys that are jumping on board of this trend, jokingly or not, however, I doubt that anyone who wouldn’t normally commit this act would go through with it.

    1. Soarsie18


      Girls that I know are genuinely concerned and are posting to remind people to be safe tomorrow

  2. The only finished painting I've managed to produce, which is frustrating ...not quite there yet 😕


  3. I'm making a promise to myself that I will work as hard as I can from now on. 

    I've been put off working because I don't want to be used to prove someone wrong. And I don't want to be used to get back at someone either. 

    So my one and only incentive now is to use the grades to get away from this place for good. 

    This is for me. 

    I wan't to remember this feeling I have every day when I wake up, from now until exams and

    make a promise that I won't give up on myself. 

  4. I've done my first exam !!!!! 

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