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  1. Depression slapped me in the face yesterday too, hard. It's scary and overwhelming and it stopped me right in my tracks. It's made me want to give up. But people have told me not to, so I am telling you now, don't give up. It slaps you a lot, but not every time. You won't see those small victories though unless you try. Please keep trying Joy. I'll do the same. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    something I could really relate too, as I am struggling with harming my insides too...

    I'm sorry you're hurting too. It's hard to believe that someone else is going through the same thing, I feel I'm the only one who deserves this. But I'm glad I've put it out there now, and have found someone who understands what it's like. 

    I've read all of your quotes. I have a special list of quotes myself, none of them are quite as impactful as the ones you have written down though. 


    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    what you focus on grows.

    I'm trying to put this into action. I tend to slip into the habit of focusing on all of the things that I've lost - friends, family, school, opportunities, running, surfing ...

    You're not able to make positive changes when you're in that mind-set. No it's not as simple as 'just think positive' But in order to stay motivated and look after yourself you have to find something to fight for, and focus on it. 

    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    Complete the past so you don't have to repeat the past. If past memory comes, look at it, observe it, acknowledge it's there, but let it go.

    I get this too. I have a lot of loose ends that I need to sort out first before I'm able to move on. At the moment I'm kind of stuck and just have to wait for the right time to do it. But you're right, running away from problems doesn't make that horrible feeling go away. 

    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    Decrease the importance of things you're giving a lot of meaning to. Let go of giving things too much meaning.

    This ones been hard for me. I've had to learn that lesson the hard way. 

    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    It only matters how you see yourself.

    Yep :)

    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    Don't try to control everything.

    Definitely !

    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    Ego = the phantom self that runs your life when you're not there as witnessing consciousness.

    So so true. I've let my ego take control of my life for way too long

    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    If you learn self control, you can control anything.


    1 hour ago, Jamark8 said:

    Life begins where fear ends.

    Has helped a lot. Thank you for sharing that with me. I hope things get better with you. Today has been slightly better for me, I guess I've just had time to get over my disappointment, so now am trying to make up for it. 

  3. @JD4010 Thanks to you guys, I know I'm not going crazy. I can't stress enough to my family how much it has changed my life. But I guess people on the outside will never understand how you can go from wanting to die every day, to caring about your life and actually being scared of death. But as you've said, I'm also kind of grateful they've never experienced this kind of pain before. 

  4. @Tears_Always You've been through so much, but your still here. And like you said, you're moving forward. I admire that a lot. I know there's still more for me to experience, harder things to have to deal with. I just hope that I'm as strong as you are when that day comes. And I'm praying that we'll both be able to get out of this dark place somehow and experience some happiness - (even if it's just for a little while)

  5. My weight loss diet is, I only eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. When I get to the point of being starving I allow myself to eat whatever I fancy (I try and choose healthy). When I eat I eat slowly so that I know when I’m full and should stop eating. I also drink a lot of water throughout the day. And as a treat, once a week (normally on saturday) I allow myself to have 200kcal of whatever sweet treat I want - dark chocolate is good for curbing cravings, without actually needing to eat a lot of it. But the point is to limit bad foods rather than cutting them out completely, it’s quite a nice diet to follow. I’ve lost 1/2 a stone in one month 🙂 

  6. @Tears_Always

    No I haven't, or at least I don't know if I have yet. Bristol still haven't contacted me, so I won't know if I have a place until then, and of course I need to get the grades as well. It's been a very long and painful process but i'll let df know once something happens. X

    And also, thanks for saying that I'm strong and all but I'm still really doubting myself, I see people going through things in life that are so much harder than anything I've ever experienced and they still manage to get on with it. And here I am, falling to pieces at the first hurdle, anyways I'm still trying to forgive myself somehow

  7. 3 hours ago, JJayy said:

    I’ve been doing this exercise daily for a couple of weeks. I’d take 5 minutes to either write them down or do it in my head. 

    Along with forgiveness practice, it’s been pretty effective so far. 


    Me too !! my therapist told me to make a list every day when I wake up. Since then i’ve become so much more content in myself. It’s such a good feeling being able to appreciate the little things.

  8. Thanks, I was hoping that this story would inspire people, it inspired me when I watched it and put everything into perspective. I think the point that I was trying to make was that the little things which may seem important to us right now like getting good grades, a job and also material things that we've been conditioned to feel we need, will not be important to us in the long run. 

    We often neglect the things in life that are most important to us, and focus too much of our energy onto the little things that that are insignificant - like money, clothes, holidays. All those things are nice of course, but it's good to focus your attention on the things that are closest to your heart like friends, family and passion. Those are the things that really make your life richer, and we should be forever grateful to the people that make our lives just a bit better. 

    So although your life situation may not be perfect in the present moment, there is always something or someone to be grateful for.

    For me this past year I've felt as though i've lost everything - I lost my place in uni, I've lost all my friends who have gone off to uni in a different city, I've lost half my family over an argument, and i've dropped out of school - basically cutting me off from any social interaction. 

    For a while I was so focused on all of these aspects of my life that had gone wrong, and it was preventing me from getting better. Through therapy I changed my perspective to look for the positives - like my loving parents, my nan, and my therapist who were by my side throughout it all.

  9. We are all people who have been hurt in someway, we know what it's like to feel that kind of hurt, and I think it makes us more sensitive to other peoples feelings. If you are suffering and struggling to talk about it, just know that this is a safe place for you to talk, with understanding people, who are just like you. 

    I'm forever grateful for the support I had, and know the importance now of supporting others struggling like I did - the impact it has. 

    - You have all my support

    Meg X

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