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  1. First time I’ve got into a car and have not thought of jumping out, todays a good day
  2. Shocking how we only hear bad news nowadays. Thought we could use a thread to post any good news. Because there is still so much good going on, even if the media won't cover it. So heres to feeling a bit better about the world we live in :) Britain breaks its record for the longest continuous period without generating electricity from coal. The national grid reported that the coal-free period lasted more than 90 hours before coming to an end during the afternoon of easter monday In february there was a report that showed that Britains carnivorous mammals (polecats, otters, pine martens) have made a major comeback in population size from a near extinction in the 1960s . Badger populations are estimated to have doubled since the 1980s Global terror attacks fell by a 1/3 in 2018. And deaths caused by terror attacks feel by a 1/4.
  3. I just want to stay in bed. I don’t have the will in me to do some more work today, but I have to. I’ll just be counting down the hours till I get to sleep again.
  4. @nojoy thank you 😊 whether I pass or fail i’ll be laughing that all of this is over. And i’ll be sayin’ sayonara to everyone in this stupid town 💁🏼‍♀️
  5. Thank you, you too. T least these things have an end date.
  6. me too 😕😞 i just want to have a day off but I’m too stressed to do that
  7. That’s the depression probably. Watch a film, try and relax. I know how it is though being bored and not having the will to do anything about it. I hope tonight is a bit better.
  8. @JustAnotherSufferer Have you tried cleaning, or something like that, some kind of chore ? that's what I do when I'm bored and can't sleep
  9. yeah no it’s scary isn’t it. The papers are so hard nowadays that you only need 50% to get an A. And even then getting 50% is hard. 4 marks between a B and an A. Yet if I got a B overall university won’t accept me.
  10. @JustAnotherSufferer Yeah absolutely. :(
  11. That's awful :( Is it anxiety you think ? @JustAnotherSufferer
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