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  1. Me too tears. I prayed so much yesterday that I didn't have to wake up today, but here i am.
  2. no you don't need to man up. Everyone feels that way from time to time. Depression makes us so vulnerable.
  3. Soarsie18

    My depression story

    @JustAnotherSufferer sws, that is so sweet
  4. Put my revision notes away. Cried a lot. Ate chocolate, watched silly tv shows. Guess you can't be strong every day
  5. The worst thing is everyone expects me to be happy now that exams are over, to be celebrating. But celebrating what ? months on my own with no future to look forward to. No friends to hang out with. I feel scared. I'm pretending to be happy but really I am so scared. I've never been so scared in my life.
  6. Exams are over. My time in Cardiff re-sitting A levels is now over. I don't know how to feel. I'm not ready to move on in life. I have little hope that I will get into university this time. I don't know what to do with myself and I'm scared. 2 months on my own at home, no distractions with work this time. I'm scared that I will start thinking again. I need to find a new distraction now. I just hope that it works.
  7. If I do get into vet school it'll be a dream come true. I'm starting to loose hope. I feel like this break that I'm on will never end.
  8. it doesn’t come naturally. I am very clumsy. Oh well. 🙂 they’d tell me to pick the glass out myself haha 😅 hugs Joy
  9. me too, I won’t be going to the prom. I’m so glad to get the hell out of there and to never have to see those people again and be reminded of the painful memories
  10. I have my last exam today ever !! feels so surreal
  11. oh me too, I get carried away so easily. Still, I will keep my hopes up for you that this goes well. Just enjoy this feeling whilst it's here. But really, I am so happy for you. These moments are what helps pull as through life.
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