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  1. I don’t think I did anything yesterday that made me feel good bar eating ok ish, today I woke up and found that a scammer had taken £50 pounds out of my account, and as an unemployed student living in London, that was all the money I had. I am so devastated and angry with myself, but have meditated today and so am feeling better already, I’ve postponed all chores in order to focus on myself today. Thank you so much for your kind words.
  2. I want to die, and I feel safe saying that here, I am tired
  3. Lonely and like a loser, 20 years old and sitting in this flat by myself
  4. Have only been eating kale, I’m doing this diet of only kale, I feel guilty even eating healthy protein because of the calories, that and wine
  5. How is everyone feeling about the trend that tomorrow is national rape day ? The idea that rape should be legal on the 24th. For me it’s concerning the amount of guys that are jumping on board of this trend, jokingly or not, however, I doubt that anyone who wouldn’t normally commit this act would go through with it.

    1. Soarsie18


      Girls that I know are genuinely concerned and are posting to remind people to be safe tomorrow

  6. He already has lol, was crying down the phone
  7. Have just found out that my boyfriend is flirting with the girls he works with and is bragging about it to his friends, I feel broken, made to look like an idiot, sitting here waiting for him to come back whilst he’s having the time of his life. I don’t know how to feel, he told me that he loves me and I’m blowing this out of proportion, I’m broken because he said that he would never break up with me and that just makes it harder to break up, I don’t believe him, I don’t trust him, I don’t do relationships
  8. Honestly I feel like telling you , don’t attend therapy with him, go to therapy by yourself, find strength in yourself before letting anyone else in, regardless of whether he is your husband, mum, dad, whatever. X
  9. Here’s another one, bendigedig - fantastic, love foreign names that no one understands
  10. No way that’s absolutely fab, siwd Mae’ .. ‘dwy’n hoffi coffi’ ?
  11. Go outside , find a quiet place, confront the narcissist , we all support you
  12. So right now feeling alright, I’m far away from being a vet, but having someone give me something to study that is getting me there GIVES ME LIFE, so happy. All you other students gunning for my spot better watch out, failure and disappointment has only made me even more ruthless , mental strength is truly the best gift ever, but the most painful to develop.
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