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  1. Thank you both. I do know that I am just looking for others experience. I am prescribed 1mg 3xs a day but I only typically take a 1/2 when I need to. However with the anxiety and panic attacks I went back to therapy and it has been difficult. I’m looking for options that don’t numb me yet let me function. Last week was so tough that I was wondering if doing the meds like that would take the edge off and wondered if anyone had any experience. My T said it’s up to me and so does my Dr. But they aren’t in the same position I’m in. So just curiosity.
  2. Thanks mikl_pls. I was wondering because I am doing EMDR and had a hard time last week. So I was thinking of taking a 1/2 before session and then the other 1/2 after so it doesn’t mask feelings but takes the edge off of it. I don’t take it often, not even daily, but it does help when I have therapy. I’ve just started Buspar so I’m waiting for that to kick in.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has ever used 1/2 a dose of alprazolam the took the other 1/2 an hour later to avoid side effects. I’m considering doing this and was wondering some feedback. Elm
  4. Hey there! I’m not really sure. I have been taking something at night to help me fall asleep as I adjust. I take mine first thing in the morning.
  5. Thank you Tears_always. I definitely know it is more than just everyday blues. elm
  6. I’ve started taking it with food and it has made such a difference with my stomach, headache and I wonder if fogginess. I’m really feeling so much better. Thanks for the suggestion Rilo45! elm
  7. Good to know. I’m have had some of the jitters but I think some comes because of taking my meds before I eat but I eat when I get to work and I’m afraid I’ll forget my med if I take it to work. I could probably eat a little something. I missed lunch today and truly noticed it. When I do back for a follow up I’m going to tell them not to increase my dose then. Maybe wait a while longer if I need it increased. The hand tremor sounds crazy. I have taken this medication before but it was a looooooong time ago and don’t remember any side effects. Was the hand tremor noticible to other people?
  8. Thanks for the boost. Did you have any side effects and if so, how did it take for them to alleviate? elm
  9. Thanks for the reply. My Dr said to go 6 months before making a decision on it, but I’m sure it is without any negative side effects. It started to make me wonder though if this treats people with ADHD and that part is working for me do I not maybe have anxiety but adult adhd... I feel so much more calmer with this than before. I feel like someone who takes adhd medication looks. (I work with a lot of kids who have it). So it is apparent when they are on their medication and not just a though. Thanks rilo4
  10. elm

    Live chats

    Thanks friends. Just looking for some support from people who get it, like you all, but in real time. ❤️ elm
  11. Hi! I started WellbutrinXL 150 4 days ago. I’ve seen a few posts about a honeymoon period where people feel better. I don’t feel that at all, I know it is different from person to person. I feel much calmer which has been good for my anxiety but I do feel a little foggy and I notice the depression more. I’m not more depressed I’m about the same. Normally I am on the verge of very hyper at work which made me wonder if that was just nervous energy. Any feedback or ideas? elm
  12. Thanks everyone. I don’t know how I missed the replies. I decided not to tell them until they notice an improvement. If i thought there was another solution than medication then I would go that way but truthfully I have tried many options. Therapy, journaling, art, exercise, yoga, vitamins, time to myself and time with others... It was a conversation with a friend I work with that got me thinking that this is more than just a common feeling of blue or dealing with stress. I have had a bit of trauma in my life about 3 1/2 years ago that set me off on this path and I just can’t pull out.... My heath is suffering and the relationship with my spouse and child are too. I’m so unhappy that just waking up is a chore. I’d risk “relapsing” over what I’m feeling now because it leading me down a path that will eventually be life threatening with feeling down and also my health. I don’t like feeling like I am hiding stuff from them and prefer to just be open and honest. I feel like once they notice the difference they will be more open. No, medication might not be for everyone but I feel it is the right decision for me. Thank you to those of you that respect the freedom of choice to do what is best for me. *Atra when I’m ready to start a conversation with my spouse if I’m stuck I will definitely talk to you. Thank you so much for offering I really appreciate it. elm
  13. Does anyone know of any legit chat rooms? elm
  14. Thank you all. I pick up my meds today and start tomorrow. 😬 elm
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