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  1. I care, just not much I can do other than listen... If I thought it would help I would phone and yell at the 'Help' people for you.
  2. I hope that you never have to use that practice, it is a very lonely and sad place to be. Something that I hate the thought of anyone having to endure. Happy Birthday and hugs
  3. Spot is also trying to let you know how much he loves you and that you are very important to him. Hugs.
  4. I am sorry that you feel that way. I don't think you are that bad, I think it has to do with people don't want to hear it, don't want to be involved. It is like they think it will spread to them or make you worse if you get some love and compassion.
  5. Actually it makes total sense. This is the 1st time in over 10 years that I do not have some kind of furry in my life and before that I had unless I was travelling. I like and relate to animals better than most people. I think I would like another in my life but right now I just can't. I have to figure out how to deal with Wickets loss first and that is proving vert difficult for me. Nightjar thank you.
  6. Since losing my Wicket I have struggled daily to deal with my depression, he was my safety and support, it is amazing what they can do for us.
  7. I have no doubt that you are not in any imminent danger. I know that you likely don't see yourself like this but let me tell you about the Mark that I see... You are a man of your word You haves fought hard and believe in the right thing for everyone You have compassion You are willing to help others You are not afraid to share: your life experiences, emotions, thoughts and fears You do not accept and take BS You will call people on whatever You have helped so many people here and I have no doubt irl too You are strong You care You are hurting You have more to show the world You are brave You are the best dad ever to Spot Hugs.
  8. Mark I think/ know that your posts and your struggles are hitting all of us deeply, you are doing what so many of us think about and what is more you are sharing just how hard this journey is for you. I want to say more but have nothing I can say, I can't make it better even though I would love to. Hugs.
  9. I really wish you could have that a day were you can pretend that all in the world is okay.
  10. There is nothing worse than that feeling of being all alone, it doesn't matter how much support there is online, we are all looking and hoping for that connection close to home. I hate that so few of us find it, and I hate even more that those connections that you did have are leaving. Hugs
  11. Thank you for the sentiment but seeing this thread through is important to me and frankly if I quit everything that causes me some kind of distress I would never get out of bed. I know that a lot of my feelings towards Spot is me projecting my own devastation of losing my furry. I also hurt for you Mark that you have ended in this place. I have always been a very emphatic person and I hate to say it but depression makes me much more attune to the pain around me, I have always been one to want to make it better and it hurts when I know I can't not for myself or others I care about. Hugs.
  12. I cry every time I read about Spot, all I can think about is how devastated and confused he is going to be. I know you are going to do the absolute best you can for him, but I know he is going to be so lost without his person.
  13. Of course it doesn't if she means 1/2 as much to you as my boy meant to me, she is one of the most important things in your life.
  14. I think that the burden of our depression is something we all hide at least to some extent. The only ones who have any idea of what it is like is those who have been their no one else can have a real idea and they will never be comfortable, with the idea. For me one of the hardest things about my depression is not having anyone to talk to, a place to feel safe. I don't have friends to worry about saying to much too and my family does not want to hear it. So yes if only they knew...
  15. @JD4010 I hope that kitty is okay. And yep never ever put anything in resume or cover letter that might link to mental illness employers will write you off right away, you are seen as less capable. The reality is no one really realizes how big of a problem mental health is and too many see it as a person not wanting to be well.
  16. @MarkintheDark I too would sit and hold you if I could but I would be crying right along with you. I know it is not the same as a person, but at least you have Spot. Hugs
  17. I wish that I could sleep and never wake.
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