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  1. Mark as far as I am concerned just getting through another day is an accomplishment to be happy with, the fact you did more it great. And I don't even pretend to fold stuff, be happy it is washed.
  2. @Devlinkyla and @MargotMontage I don't know if it is legal where you are but maybe look into CBC Oil it is supposed to be really good for pain. Hugs for you both.
  3. I know a lot of people myself included feel that DF is a safe place in a cruel world, this is a space that I would hate to see gone and I think a lot of others would to. SO I am asking everyone to help support DF, if you cannot give a donation, then how about being a mod or other support staff? A site like this is a community but it cannot run itself and like any community needs the help of its members to keep going. I know there are others who have been here longer and remember a much livelier DF it is time to bring some of that back. Thanks all for reading.
  4. @MarkintheDark I am going to wish you less stress and I will hope for a miracle for you (though in truth I really shouldn't as I am almost certainly condemning you, things generally go the opposite of what I hope for). @PraiseBrownies thank you for the smile. @sober4life I am not sure I believe that anyone gets to have someone or thing to believe in or be there, it is some kind of fantasy @Mikayla I would love to do either but I have no one.
  5. Been very sad of late all I want to do is cry....
  6. Do so you never know what it might lead to and you said it you really don't care anymore, so what do you have to lose?
  7. Well you said it right there, everything you have said about him says that is a power hungry little man, who likely has self-esteem issues. His whole life has been about the power of controlling others and now he is losing it, so you have to do as much damage as you can before you go. I pity his wife if he has one he is going to make her life h**l
  8. Mark you have already done so much more than most people when it comes to assisting your executioner, I hope they are able to see that. I am also going to call bs on finding your GoFundMe, or maybe I just don't know enough to find it. Hugs
  9. Just really down right now not sure why, but would love to find a dark hole and stay there. I don't get why life has to be so awful.
  10. Gotta eat well if you are going to make it out of there.
  11. I am not sure I could do what you are doing Mark getting everything ready, the cleaning, and organizing. I really guess I should it will be my brother left to finish everything once I am gone and I know that he will not care about a lot of the family history that I currently have. I should really get it online so that others can find it. I guess it is just another item in the list of things I really should be doing.
  12. Worked a 13 hour day today, it was okay, I was busy enough not to really think. Tomorrow I am back to my normal time at work.
  13. @duck can your friend give lessons on how to get all that? @MarkintheDark you still have more than me, all my social is online. I have no one I could go out with to do anything.
  14. Been a really hard day, have not been with it at all, it has been 8 months since I lost him. Forgot about an important meeting today and had 18 people waiting 15 minutes for me. Was ready to cry at any point. Just want to go to bed and never wake up again.
  15. Do psychiatrist actually treat people? The only ones I have seen just hand-out pills and are happy to refer you to paid therapists.
  16. They can call themselves that because no one has sued the pants off of them. Some of the frontline workers might care if they haven't been there long, but even after months management sucks the life and caring right out of you in search of the mighty dollar. (I say this as a Canadian in the "free" system).
  17. Really down and sad this evening. just want to cry.
  18. This probably qualifies as a stupid question, but if things are that bad at home why don't you leave? It is possible for minors to get legal separations from parents. Would your man's family let you stay with them? If they are doing you harm you do have the right to remove yourself from the situation.
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