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  1. One thing I would suggest is that if you are truly trying to live second to second right now, then as soon as a negative thought come in shake it out. You have no need to keep those. I sometime physically shake my head, but have also been using a mantra, it is not much help for you because it deals with the guilt that I feel but what I say is "I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you" at least for me it deals with the apin and guilt in that second. Hugs
  2. I am glad that you are seeing the doc, I hope that you can get some help. Please post it helps a lot.
  3. Try and put myself back together....
  4. I have yet to see you write badly, just remember no slang, no shortcuts, keep it to the point, and answer any questions asked the best you can.
  5. If that is what is keeping you going then hang on tight. I know it is hard to see but you have taken steps in the right direction, a new therapist is a great one. Get through it second by second if that is what it take. Hugs
  6. I see food and gain weight I am sure that I don't have to eat it to gain. I wish depression made me not want to eat, it is eating or sleeping that are my main wants.
  7. Spent some of my lunch in the bathroom crying. Find myself thinking about going to sit outside without a jacket on (it is -48 out there) and that maybe I would just go to sleep and that would be it. I am tried of feeling I am never good enough, tried of not mattering to anyone, and I am tried of pretending to be "okay".
  8. Really irritable today, but also swinging to wanting to break down and cry. Cried myself to sleep last night.
  9. Very few females actually have ADHD so I would say that it is very unlikely.
  10. Just goes to show how much he cared and understood people. That is quite something to have friend that looked out for you even after you are gone. hugs
  11. Mark knew what was out there to help him, he just got stonewalled by a system that is there to look good and do nothing, and people who were only looking at the bottom line not the people. As long as people are seen as expenses in Healthcare and employment they will be under valued and abused.
  12. I am sorry for everything you are going though it makes the days that much harder to face. Hugs
  13. IT is a support form, it is just that it is peer support not professional. And really if there were professionals here everyone would have to stand-up and be counted, revile who they are and everything else, then there would be no one here. Oh and they would want lots of money.
  14. Was really struggling coming up to Christmas as it was the first year without my boy and the last time that I got to spend any real time with him. Went away at Christmas and though it didn't go as planned it did help to break the depression somewhat. When I got home the pain hit again really hard for a few days and then I kind of went numb, I hate to say it but that was nice not having tears in my eyes at all times. Then Thursday/ Friday happened and how hard it hurts, depression is back full force and if I could I would crawl into a dark hole and never come out again. On Thursday/ Friday a friends little one passed (nothing could be done), heard about Mark, heard from a person who I have not heard from in just about a year (they wanted me to do something, no enquiry as to how I am doing), and came back to missing him majorly again. Life sucks.
  15. This is so sad many of us here in the community grieving the loss of Dave / MarkintheDark, sad part is all we have is each other for support. If we were a "real" support group there would be counselors and support rushing in to help. Yet because of the nature of this group there is nothing we don't exist, our pain is not real, and we don't matter, kind of like how we feel in "real" life. The sad thing is people are much freer here with their words, thoughts, and feelings, we don't feel the need to measure every word and try to think of what consequences anything we say will have in the future. It is really so sad that the world is not a safe place. Hugs.
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