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  1. @evalynn shouldn't whomever is going to eat that clean.....
  2. I would take that train light, then the pain and loneliness would be gone.
  3. Kind of wishing I could go to work tomorrow, there will be no one there so I wouldn't have to pretend that everything is okay.
  4. Thinking how much life fs around with us. Been handed a bunch of stuff at work that I would have loved to have done 7 months ago, but now is just about ******* me cause I need to think and reason and I just can't do it.
  5. Mark I did not mean in anyway to make you feel worse or like you had to justify your decision. You are doing good in your life and you are making a difference, that is so much more than so many do, certainly more than I am. I had to try to get you to consider it ne last time, I will leave it alone and offer you what support I can. Please give Spot lots of love he is going to need it. Hugs.
  6. and another day. @MarkintheDark very sorry about the drive and a bit surprised usually something can be pulled. Do you remember what the photos were taken on? Film or digital? If digital do you still have the cards? Yes it just might be possible to get at least some back that way.
  7. Two things Mark: 1) Hugs 2) please try for the disability or whatever you guys call it one last time, what do have to lose? Okay three things 3) hugs.
  8. At the beginning of another week and wondering what is the point of it all, why bother.
  9. @MarkintheDark of course Spot knows that something is up your emotions and behavior has changed and he knows you better than anyone. He knows without a doubt that something is wrong with his people and he doesn't know how to fix it. I know that he wants to after all he adopted you for life. Anyone who thinks that animals can't read and understand emotions and body language does not have good grip on the world around them. Rabbits that lose their bonded partners will get depressed and die themselves when they lose a partner (be it another rabbit, human or other being). A Canada Goose will look for a lost partner for up to 10 years before moving on if ever. When my father was in palliative care I had 2 dogs with me Gypsy and Scout they would both head in to rooms that were wrong, that they had passed by before on the way to my father's room. Every time they did this they were needed by someone within. For a lick or a pat or a cuddle. One evening Gypsy refused to head down the hall to the room she was going down the other hall se kept pulling until she got around the corner in that hall and went to the lady sitting on the floor outside a room crying. She pushed her head in to her lap and gave her face a kiss, and then just sat there and let the woman hold her and cry. The women's father had just passed minutes before and Gypsy was not going to let her cry alone. My point to all of this is that because you are hurting Spot is too, he may not know your intentions but he knows that something is wrong and he is trying to make it better in his own way. Hugs.
  10. As low as I am right now I would swap places with you if I could, you have things you want to do and people to see. I on the other hand have nothing and no one. But life doesn't work that way, a lot of the time it just feels like one cruel joke. Hope your shots went okay and that Spot is taking good care of you. Hugs
  11. I never get enough sleep, I can't seem to fall asleep before 11 @ the earliest even when in bed way sooner. On those nights I do fall asleep earlier I just wake-up sooner 😞
  12. What is a good day? I don't think I know what those are.
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