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  1. If I had that I wouldn't have lost the most important being in my life and I would not be as depressed I could at least cope @Rattler6
  2. I hope that it turns out to be an okay day and that neither of you end-up getting hurt.
  3. @Soarsie18 you can't just stay in bed, you have a world to conquer and people to show how things are done. I know things are wearing but you are strong and the end is insight, you can do this!
  4. @Camellia You have to make your own family, if you want to feel valued those related by blood are just that relatives. A family should be made-up of people who love and support you. By all means just answer their post, but go and seek your FAMILY elsewhere.
  5. Hang in there you are strong and what does it matter what your aunt says, all you have to do is reply yes I have been blessed and nothing else. I am sorry about the school sounds like someone is having a power trip that is too bad. Deep breaths and onward, you can do it.
  6. That hurts and wow that is a narrow range, I have no doubt that you can put it up. I also think that it is stupid that they are that close, that does not differentiate in the level of knowledge know.
  7. That is what we are here for if you can't say it here where can you?
  8. We all want to have someone to trust and open-up to in our lives that is why we put our faith in people around us, unfortunately as often as not they end-up hurting us, but you are never stupid or anything else for trying.
  9. Tried emotionally it is so hard wearing the mask that the world expects to see on you especially when all you want to do is cry.
  10. That I could have a redo knowing what I know now
  11. Never heard of ringing ears with Venlafaxine before. If the does is right you can feel better fairly quickly, but for any med to work it usually 4-6 weeks. I have been on it for 18+ years and when I have issues with negative thoughts and I want to cry it usually an indication that my dose need to be increased. Good luck.
  12. I am glad that you are going having connections to real life and people are needed.
  13. From what you have said your boss has been a bit of a d**k, it is hard to be motivated and invested in work when those above you don't care. @JD4010
  14. You can definitely vent here and there well be support. I really hope that some of those who are mom's on here will connect with you there experiences my not be the same but they can understand were you are coming from.
  15. Do go and hangout tonight one of the pitfalls of depression is that it isolates us from others. Ask yourself why are you hurt? Try and look at everything from a birds eye view not from yourself, yes it is hard but the change in perspective can be helpful. Other than that I really can't offer you more on your friends that is not something I have so that fact that you do is something I see as wondrous.
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