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  1. I do have an enormous amount of things going on in my life right now. BIG Life things. I moving 2 states away. among many other things need to be done before i can make this move. There is a lot wrapped up in the big move. I just feel in such despair over everything... OVERWHELMED Defeated.
  2. THANK YOU! I'll take all the prayers I can get.... Although I see tough roads ahead. I know that i can get thru this. Even though i feel hopeless and i can't go on.............
  3. Hello all! I don't know where to turn or who to talk to that can understand. I am losing it. I currently take 40 mg of paxal and 5 of abilify. The beginning of december the Dr took me from 10 mg of ablify to 5 mg. Due to a prolonged QT in my heart beat. I tend to get more depressed during the holidays but i can't shake it. I cry all the time. Its all i can do to get out of bed to work daily. My 3 adult children are the only people i will see . I won't do anything social. Then i am UP and happy. Ive never been diagnosed as bi polar. but since december I feel i am up and down with emotions and dealing with life in general.. can BI polar show up later i life? I have been on antidepresents for more than 18 years. for at least 13 ive been on paxil.. Abilify was added about 5 years ago. I can't miss work right now for a dr. appt. Other ppl are out with surgeries and i have to be here. I cna't get into see the doc until April 17th and to be honest Im not sure she even knows how to deal with these meds. I recently had nose surgery and Its gotten even worse since surgery . I feel like i just can't go on some days. Then others i am on top of the world HELP... Feeling lost lonely and afraid.
  4. I am too struggling right now. Ive found the best way to help yourself. Is to help others. With that being said. I want to help you. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Together we WILL get thru this !
  5. HI I drink on 5 mg of abilify. But i can only last a couple hours out with friends before i get super tired and have to go home. I am also on 40 mg of paxil
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