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    Me and my wife been married for 19 years last year round July we we started having just a few problems we've been through it before different things we've always been able to work through it we've been through so much so many hardships and made it through and always been there for each other. She had started a new job maybe a year or so before and some of the girls there we're going through divorces and they take some sort of antidepressant and told her that's what she needed to help her out so she went to the doctor and started out on Prozac and we're and was so emotionless she was just like empty I was finally able to get through to her how was making her act and be, so she decided to stop it took her forever to come off Prozac she was on such a low dose and she was still having withdrawal feelings for weeks then immediately went to the doctor and started taking Wellbutrin in the beginning it's seen better because it was she was so bad from Prozac anything was better than empty shell she was. She's I noticed she was getting really angry really easy had a lot of silly things but I didn't pay much attention she's always been a little hot-headed. All sudden loss all over sex drive started acting really strange she was talking a lot about our stuff all the sudden when she never would share with anyone before she felt find me singing it to the world I think after Wellbutrin all the sudden it was like I was an enemy, in the anger she would feel towards me and only me she started acting different towards the kids our kids a little bit just being short and saying little things that she just would never do started having a lot of anxiety started acting really almost paranoid and the next thing I know she served me with an injunction in thought I was trying to come after her follow me around all kinds of crazy things and none of it was true. It seems when she's talking to people at work and they say something about how I am or something I'm doing and they don't even know me and are never around me it's like she believes it and the longer it goes on the more she believes it seems like to me now we're getting divorced she won't let me see my youngest daughter she won't answer my call I've been able to get through to her a couple times and we we'll start talking again and be okay 4 week month I just a couple days the other time it's like a light switch she needs space I give her all this anxiety and it's just not her it's just not my wife there anymore the medicine has changed her and every way almost.. I tried talking to her doctor and he didn't want to hear anything I said I told her there's no way Wellbutrin cause any of those side effects an overdose from 150 to 300 and everything went into overdrivewe're still not divorced because every time we getting close to agreeing on everything she does something and gets mad about something and shuts it down and won't talk to me keep my daughter from me it's not living a nightmare in the twilight zone sometimes I'm trying to figure out what to do if anybody has any ideas of what can help me feel free let me know if you try this medicine no this is a possibility be careful this is ended family and 19 years of marriage my whole family split now
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