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  1. I am still in a bad situation at home. My sister constantly makes homophobic comments to me. She makes mean comments against lgbt people. I am still miserable, anxious and depressed. When she makes these comments it makes me feel horrible about myself. It makes me confused and doubt myself. How do I deal with being constantly invalidated? How do you deal with it? 

    (I'm sorry I keep discussing my family but I just dont know what to do anymore. I feel hopeless.)

  2. On 3/19/2019 at 8:58 PM, John_in_SF said:

    Do you need to live nearby? Is there an LGBTQ support agency in your area? You should contact them right away to learn about other options and for more advice. If you are reasonably in fear for your physical safety, you simply cannot stay with those people.

    I don't need to live nearby its just that I've never been away from home before so it's kind of scary. Anyway I understand. I will look up lgbt support for my area and see what I can find. Thanks for your help.

  3. 17 hours ago, John_in_SF said:

    Yes, absolutely. Invading your privacy, yelling and screaming, locking you in a room, giving you the cold shoulder, and tightly controlling your behavior without any regard for your feelings are all examples of emotional abuse. It sounds like you are over 18. Why are you living at home?

    I am living at home because I am an online college student. I have mental health problems and learning disabilities it makes it difficult for me to socialize. I can't move out. 😞

  4. 18 hours ago, Lindsay said:

    Hello lostinsadness,

    Welcome to Depressonforums.  Sometimes I just do not understand parents!

    There does not seem to be any empathy or understanding going on in families! 

    I would like to switch you to our Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender Issues Forum where you can post how you feel and get some real understanding there.

    Hope you do not mind.

    Take very good care of yourself, you do matter:hugs:


    Hi Lindsay. 

    thanks for welcoming me. I will definitely check out that forum. 

    Thanks! ❤️

  5. 3 hours ago, Epictetus said:

    I also want to welcome you here, Lostinsadness and also tell you how very, very sorry I am that you are suffering ! ! ! 

    You are struggling with so many things and I only hope you will find these Forums to be of some help to you.

    Although none of us here are medical professionals, we are all fellow sufferers and hopefully we can offer you the understanding, kindness, empathy, encouragement and comfort that you cannot find elsewhere.

    I am looking forward to reading whatever you decide to post on these Forums.  I wish you only the very, very best!     - epictetus


    Hi  Epictetus. Thank you so much for welcoming me! 

  6. I am extremely depressed and anxious. My mom and older sister are controlling me and possibly emotionally abusive? 

    I have been questioning my sexuality and gender identity since high school. 
    A few years ago when I was in high school my older sister read my diary. She told my other sister what I had written in the diary. My older sister was yelling and screaming at me in my room. She locked the door and wouldn't let me leave. In my diary I had written about having feelings for girls. 

    I have talked to my mom about questioning my sexuality and I have come out to her multiple times. But she has ignored me and became really angry at me. 

    My mom always ignores me when I want to talk to her about everyday things. She never wants to talk to me. 
    She is very controlling. She forces me to dress in feminine girly clothing. She forces me to wear makeup. She got extremely angry at me when I was asking her if I could wear guys clothing then I started having suicidal thoughts. 

    My mom becomes angry at me almost every day for no reason. She is always yelling at me. 

    My mom hates LGBTQ people. 
    My older sister hates LGBTQ people too. My older sister is bullying me. She makes mean comments to me and she stares at me in a mean way. My older sister calls me weird. I am constantly anxious, afraid of what she might say next. 

    Currently I am closeted and confused and still questioning. I am really really scared. Because I am afraid if they find out about me or if they become angry enough they might physically hurt me. 

    Is this emotional abuse? Do you have any advice for me? How can I cope with my abusive family?

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