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  1. cherryapple2020, Happy Belated Birthday!!!
  2. I think I would rather have my therapist or psych doctor say those words than a family member. When I hear family say something like those words. I feel that I'm being patted on the head while the family member rolls his/her eyes. At least when a trained person says something like that, I feel that they have an understanding/knowledge of how difficult life is for me.
  3. Doing okay. Got nothing on the list done on this gloomy overcast day. I didn't beat myself up over it. but spent the day trying out crochet baby booties patterns.
  4. It is hard for others to understand what depression/anxiety is like for those who live every day with these disorders. At times, we don't like/love ourselves. Some of us don't understand why we are depressed/anxious, so we can't explain the feelings we have. I grew up with a father who was depressed, but my mother would never say the word depression. She always said he had a chemical imbalance & became very upset (& verbally abusive) with me when I tried to explain that a chemical imbalance was part of what depression is. I had a person say to me that she didn't know what to say to my older brother (her father-in-law) or me. My answer was we don't need you to tell us what is wrong with us. We already know what's wrong. Some days we just need a hug or a call just to let us know you care. So my new friend, Welcome to the forums and I care about you & understand what you are feeling. Please feel free to express yourself here. We are a non-judgment place with a lot of caring people.
  5. Today I am okay. Even though the sky is grey & dreary.
  6. cloudy, lots of gray clouds with a chance of rain. I just wish it would rain. Days like today make me lazy & then I get more depressed.
  7. - for eczema and only need a script for steroid cream and 1. you leave with a script for water pill because your blood pressure is 158/80 and 2. the rash on the back of your arm isn't eczema but shingles, so pill you have to take for shingles is the size of a horse pill and 3. you need an EKG, just to rule out a heart problem and 4. your cholesterol is 248 but you can't take statin meds so try taking Metamucil because other patients have lower the cholesterol using this. I did a zoom meeting with the psych doctor yesterday & we decide to taper off the bupropion & stopped the clonidine. In 24 hours, I went from taking 4 drugs to taking 5 drugs plus using a steroid cream every day, oh and taking metamucil too. I'm too old to be taking this many drugs. If I wasn't already depressed & anxious, I would be after this doctor's visit.
  8. You described how I often feel. And it is difficult to explain the feelings of depression to people who don't understand. I had not thought of what would happen if I could not get my meds. I'm going to check into what could be done about that.
  9. Thanks Sober. I try to do things on my own and will not ask for help. I can be stubborn & will only accept help when it is forced on me.
  10. For once I'm looking forward to tomorrow & I'm excited. For a reason most people would consider stupid. Finally, The hot water heater is getting installed. The electrician showed up & moved the power box, the plumber will be here in the morning. So no more heating water to bathe or wash dishes. And even though my older brother & I rarely see each other, he is helping me pay the bill. Plus I got a rebate check from the health insurance so there will be heating oil this winter.
  11. Hello! About 6 years ago, I was trying to quit smoking & my then- medical doctor suggested bupropion 50mg. At the time I was also on fluoxetine 50 mg. I didn't experience the high from the bupropion at that time. I had to switch doctors b/c of insurance. And new doctor raised the bupropion to 100 mg. That is when I begin to have the symptoms you wrote of. The new doctor wanted me to take the genetic testing of mental health drugs. It showed I could take most of the drugs except bupropion in high dosage. For me, the high dosage was any above 50 mg. Because the new doctor & I disagreed on a lot of things, I left. I got real lucky I found a doctor in my area that specializes in psych drugs & we found a combo of drugs that work very well for me. We did have to lower the dosage of the sertraline from 100mg to 75 mg b/c I started feeling numb. At this time I take bupropion 50mg in the morning & sertraline 75mg & clonidine 0.5 mg at bedtime which is working to keep my depression & anxiety under control. Hope this helps
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