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  1. I have been watching πŸ‘€ to see who is hoarding TP 🚽. Planning a midnite raid on those hoarding. If you want to join the raid, meet at the large tree 🌳 in the middle of the town square. And extra points for finding those hoarding hand sanitizer πŸ–οΈ. Take no prisoners πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ and only 🚽TP.
  2. my cats are sisters named Siam and Thai. Came with the names as they are part Siamese. At times I call them "the adult lady" (Siam) and "the teenager" (Thai) because of the way they act. Siam is very mellow and Thai behaves like a teenager doing everything she's not supposed to do. Thai is looking at me and I can tell she's sending a message to the Catnip dealer.😺
  3. My therapist emailed me last week about doing this. Sent a link to "GoToMeeting" app. Couldn't download it because my computer security (I know it has a name but I can't think of it.) kept telling me that it was not safe to download this app. So we ended up talking by phone. I was more comfortable talking on the phone than on the by computer and webcam. Think I'm going to tell her the same thing for the next session.😏 Like you I hate pictures of me and the last good one I had was when I was about 4 years old.
  4. the telemedicine session with the therapist did not go as she hoped. the "GoToMeeting" app would not download. ended up using the telephone, which was much better for me. I hope that everyone is doing okay during this terrible trying time.
  5. I am feeling nothing again emotionally. Physically, I pulled muscles in my lower and upper back, do something outside, get some sun, it will help, raking and bagging leaves. managed to fill to bags. The therapist sent email saying we can have a session online … oh goodie the techno-challenged depressed/ highly anxious person will gain a new experience. Everyone have a good week!
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums, Jay. We all have stories similar to yours and can understand how and what you feel. Through our posts, we help one another. Please join us in sharing more of your story and reading others' posts.
  7. nojoy


    I agree 100 percent!
  8. I was doing so much better. And then life screwed me. In one week, my life became a living lleh. The dental surgery was cancelled, public library closed, yoga studio closed, couldn't get cigarettes because 3 stores near me sold out and were not sure when they would get them, restaurants I usually go to are only doing take out. Saw therapist before life shut down, she was happy with the progress I was making by going places, making eye contact, having conversations (short ones) with people. I was starting to feel good about myself. Now I just don't care about anything. And more than likely my therapy appt for next week will be cancelled. I always thought of myself as ugly, now with broken and missing teeth I'm even uglier. And to top off everything, my brother's second wife was on life support for the last 2 weeks and he and her daughters made the decision to remove all life support today and she passed away. His first wife was diagnose with stage 4 Lung cancer 5 years ago. He was finally told that Mary the second wife had swine flu and were still waiting for covid 19 results. That's not everything, I asked daughter #1 to texted her sister about mary. Daughter #1 calls me, crying and carrying on. I'm not in the mood to deal with this and I told her just call me back when I can understand what she is saying. and she hung up on me. So once again, Mom is the -itch who does give a nmad about nobody but herself.
  9. Hello and Welcome. I totally understand about creating your own world. That's what I do. In my world if I don't like what you say to me I will knock you off and out of my world. I have been doing this for most of my life.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! At least the people you invite to your birthday will show up.
  11. :birthday:

    FromΒ  one March 9th birthday girlΒ  to another!!

    1. sober4life


      Thank you happy birthday to you too!:icon12:

  12. I'm ok. I spent 30 minutes with the therapist talking about this. I said I wasn't happy nor was I sad; I'm just here in the middle. Her reply was "That's called being ok.That's good. That's where we want you to be." 30 minutes later I still don't know what the heck 'ok' is. and 15 minutes of us discussing that this is a new feeling for me and I should embrace it. So if anyone knows what the feeling "ok" is defined as, please let me kno
  13. I have to thank all of you. It has been out by the therapist that everything I say has the word but then something negative. Neither she nor I ever thought of changing the negative to a positive statement. Thanks again and I am going to do this and share it with the therapist. Glad I sign on today since I have been feeling down more this week.
  14. too tired to even to go back to bed. I think the cycle is beginning again. I have days ( sometimes weeks) when I feel good and then I start having sleep problems, feeling numb, unmotivated and just don't give hoot about anything.
  15. 30 mins too long for a shower? Nope, Daughter #2 would spend an hour in the bathroom. 😊
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