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  1. Good news: I fell asleep and stay asleep all night without the Benadryl. Bad news: I have to go to work even though my knee is swollen and painful. Arthritis sucks.
  2. I have the same problem. The ghosts of the past come often. I just try to take one hour, one day at a time. I take several deep breaths when those show up and I used guided meditation. Michael Seeley has several good ones on his you tube about overcoming negative thoughts that have helped to deal with the depression & anxiety and the past hurts.
  3. I can't. All of the past is painful for me. There is very little that has a pleasant connection to the past. I wish there were happy memories or items to fill my head instead of the pain.
  4. The therapist tells me the same thing but I don't see feel it but like you I take it and hope it continues😀
  5. Went thru another one of my mother's jewelry boxes. hopefully I won't find another one and none of the jewelry is worth much so why did she hide it behind the dresser?! then to work, to the store on way home .
  6. Worried that the way I feel now (pretty good), is only my depression playing games with me.
  7. You can and you will sober! You are a survivor and have given me hope and encouragement since I joined DF. Don't stop, keep going. I'm on your side.
  8. Welcome to the forum. You will find we are a very supportive group. And we understand what you are feeling.
  9. It must have been a full moon. The preschoolers were bouncing off the walls, into each other, the ceiling, everywhere. At one point I had 10 kiddos sitting in time out. Going to have to pull out my secret weapon - lots of movement activities. Days like today, I want to put myself in time out, in the corner, in the closet, wherever it may be quiet. 🥴
  10. I don't remember it ever being this hot when I was growing up (we didn't have air conditioner until I was in my teens). Probably was and I was a kid and didn't care. I didn't go outside much unless my mother made me. I would rather lay by the fan reading a book. Can't do without the AC plus the floor and ceiling fans at my age.
  11. I feel the same way. I blame it on the my brain trying to re-live/ change past events to the point where that's the only thing I can focus on. I also have to make myself notes on what I need to do and if I don't place the meds on the counter the night before I will forget. I don't have any tips on improving the memory, wish I did cuz I need help too.
  12. Thanks Mark. I'm feeling much better today. I saw the therapist today and she reminded me that when I started back on the Prozac, I had the same experience, 24 hours of severe anxiety and then a headache for the next week. Also I decided to start tracking my mood, the trigger and what my day was like. The goal is to figure out what occurs when my depression/anxiety gets bad and a way to deal with it better.
  13. Welcome and if venting makes you feel better, then go ahead. We are here to help and support you. I and everyone on these forums have been where you are and understand the need to vent. I found it was easier for me to talk or post about things that were bothering me here than talking to someone who does not understand. Keep visiting and posting.
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