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  1. Something gandolification said over in depression central😃
  2. My answer to perfectionism ... I don't even try anymore. Which may be part of my problems. I was always told if you can't do something right (aka perfect), then don't bother doing it. And the right way was mother's way and I heard repeatedly what I did wrong. @gandolfication, I got a good laugh about your statement. Thanks!
  3. My mother was just like that; As long as I did what she wanted, things were fine, if I said or did something she didn't like, the silent treatment and then the guilt trips. She passed away 3 years ago and I am slowly making progress towards believing I am a good person.
  4. It has been 5 days and during the 5 days of 300mg of Wellbutrin, I have experienced severe anxiety. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, panicking because I thought someone was in the house. I couldn't move, couldn't take a breath. It happened on the way home from work yesterday. Thank goodness I was at a stoplight and was aware of the panic and could talk myself through it. I saw the therapist today and talk with her about it. Going to continue for 2 more days, so it will be a full week like the doctor wanted and then I will talk the her about this. I have anxiety but not like this. The feeling of not being able to move scared me more than the thought of someone being in the house.
  5. @stolenmile, I have been to several therapists over the past 15 years. One I stayed with for 15 months and one day decided that he no longer understood what was going on in my brain. Others I didn't feel comfortable with. The current one I have been seeing for 2 1/2 years. I feel comfortable talking to her about what's going one and has given me some coping skills. Also I have been doing neuro feedback with her. It's better if you google it as I don't completely get it but it has helped some. (but don't tell my therapist I said that!) She heard me laugh one day and thought that was progress... nope, just my depressed self being sarcastic! Some people find a good therapist right off but like me some take a long time and some never do find a therapist that is a good fit. Someone you can really open up to or see through your bs and calls you on it
  6. @Laura123 The HCL was on the prescription label. I was on the XL when I was quitting the cigarettes. My former doctor dropped the dosage of Prozac from 60mg to 40 mg because of the addition of the wellbutrin. He didn't want to stress my system too much. There are a lot of medications that I cannot take because of side effects and I have been known to stop taking meds if I don't like the way it makes me feel.
  7. Hopeful that the light at the end of that darn tunnel is getting closer or maybe the tunnel has become shorter.
  8. Thanks @Teril. My former doctor tested me for thyroid problems before he prescribed the prozac. I wish this new NP would look at the past three years of my medical records and see that I was doing good on just the 60 mg of prozac. The Wellbutrin helped with the urge to smoke, but I noticed a change in my mood when the prozac was decreased. Thank you for the info and I will keep doing my research.
  9. if you're looking to quit smoking then Wellbutrin XL is great. I recommended to a lady I work with just yesterday. I really hate taking drugs that I have no experience with or know of someone who does. Going to try looking it on line. I don't always trust those pamphlets the drug store give woth the meds.
  10. @sad in grand Rapids, go see the doctor. maybe you are taking to many meds that are making you feel sick. I hope you feel well soon. Take care of yourself.
  11. Not thrill about the switch. Really wanted to drop the wellbutrin and go back to just taking Prozac 60 mg. This doctor feels that 60 mg is too high of dose. So she changed the Wellbutrin XL to HCL 300 mg and changed the schedule of time I take my meds. I have to take the Wellbutrin every am to be sure there are no harmful side effects and the prozac at lunch or bedtime. Anyone have problems taking the Wellbutrin HCL? only side effect I had from the Wellbutrin XL was dry mouth for about 2 hours after taking it.
  12. I had a totally different experience. I have taken prozac on and off for years. I had a severe breakdown. The former doctor got me back on prozac 20 mg for 6 months, up to 40 mg for 2 years, and when my mom was severely ill, I asked for an increase to 60mg. I felt good, not perfect, but as close to what I thought was what a normal person felt. One of my mom's request was that I quit smoking. Doctor prescribed Wellbutrin XL 150 mg once a day and lowered the prozac to 40 mg. Still felt good and I quit smoking after 35 years of 1-2 packs a day.Fast forward to 2017 my doctor left practice to go into hospital administration. New doctor and I did not get along, I repeatedly asked to see another doctor in the office. When I came time to refill my meds, she refused unless I had expensive blood work done. In all the years that I was on antidepressants (not just prozac) I never had to have any blood work. so for 6 months I was without meds. I went through very bad withdrawal symptoms, causing the lost of my 2 daughters from my life because they did not want to deal with my drama any more. I finally could afford insurance and found a new doctor. Put me back on all meds. She will not increase prozac to 60 mg as she feels that is too high of a dose., but increase the wellbutrin. not sure how things will work out Personally I would not go cold turkey on the prozac ever again. Talk to your doctor about lowering the dose gradually. The withdrawal symptoms were awful .
  13. @Depressedgurl007 You are important to me and to everyone here. I criticize myself because I come from work and pick up the laptop. Most of time playing a game and I never get anything done. The therapist said to try doing some work in house or yard for 15 minutes and then reward myself. Which leads to 6 hours on the darn laptop. see the above statement. I came form work, sat down and spent 3 hours playing my game before coming here. So I just read your post and everyone else's. Some days I come here and just read or click the heart, and some days I might comment. But just because I might not comment does not mean I don't care. Some days I'm so exhausted mentally that I can barely function. Depressedgurl, you are loved. You are IMPORTANT. You are beautiful. You are a friend. You have helped me since I came to these forums.
  14. Can I have permission to print this out to keep in my notebook? These are similar words that the therapist says, but yours makes more sense to me as you understand the thoughts i carry around in my head.
  15. I heard it from my mother all my life. Is there some place you could meet up with people who have the same interests as you? Or is there a place you could volunteer to help kids learn/practice English? or take a walk in a park when you feel down.
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