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  1. No I didn't get to Atlanta this past Christmas because of the situation with my brother. Just before Christmas is when the family started noticing problems & I was being called to check on him as I'm the closest to where he lives. I got a weird text from him last night & I called him (in rehab center). As we were talking, I had tears running down my face. Not because of sadness but he sounded like our dad did. I know then that everything would be ok.
  2. cold & expecting snow overnight and tomorrow. Have I said how much I hate snow.
  3. I'm doing better. The anxiety level is coming down. I think I have come to the realization that my brother may have a year or 2 left after accompanying him to the neurosurgeon & seeing the MRI scans. And I have no more control over his passing as I did when our parents passed away.
  4. Welcome to the forums. Some of the best advice & support I have gotten is from the people here.
  5. I basically checked out of real life for the past 7 days. Didn't shower, dress, go out of the house. Ran out of cigarettes 3 days ago. Anxiety made me hide away from the world. Until today when a pushy, rude lady from the rehab center my brother is at called 3 times. Like I have authority to make decisions for him or talk to his doctors. Stress from talking to this woman made me get a shower, get dressed & go to the store for cigarettes. So I am feeling better. I'll take the whole anxiety pill in the morning. I'll go with him to his post-surgery visit with the neurologist & take notes for the rest of the family. And I'll do a repeat with him on friday's visit with the cancer doctor. It did feel nice to have a week of doing nothing but reality reared its ugly head & pulled me back in. Peace & Love to everyone!
  6. 51 degrees F right now & for tomorrow with rain but friday dropping in the low 30s with a mix of snow & rain.
  7. Visited my brother in the hospital. Still trying to figure out who would bring his new bowling ball to the hospital? went to library to print out some more documents about ancestors. decided I wanted spaghetti for supper, brought the hamburger & when I came home discovered that I had used the last sauce I had frozen last month & didn't have the ingredients to make more.
  8. today is a good day. today's laugh: I tried to teach Thai the "No Snow" dance. It was much easier to teach 3 & 4 year olds the "No Snow" dance than a cat! stay warm.
  9. Hello, I'm sorry you are going through all this. I am dealing with the same situation & don't know what I can do to remedy the situation. Just know you're not alone & I hope that the answers will come.
  10. I'm doing good, considering the family stuff over the past two weeks. I did research to find a workable solution to the many issues others in the family are having, & wrote out each with pros & cons when confronted again. Spoke with an aunt (in Iowa) & a cousin (in Minnesota) both reported lots of snow. Begged them to keep the white stuff. Please. please, pretty please keep that nasty white stuff. Want to know something they find funny, my city & several other cities in the metro area shut down when we get more than 2 feet of snow! And it's not because of snow but more of the ice that forms on the roads. Stay safe & warm friends but please pretty please don't send that white stuff my way.
  11. I had 2 amazon gift cards for doing surveys about covid earlier this year. Spent them on myself. brought 2 of the diamond dot kits.
  12. suppose to be in the high 60s, partly cloudy. my kind of weather.
  13. I am in a good place. In about an hour I will take 1/2 pill for anxiety. Just to get ahead of the anxiety from being with family. Merry Christmas & let's hope for a better new year!
  14. As I am going through something similar with my brother & his family & friends thinks he has lost touch with reality & his "doctor" told him he is saying bizarre things about being in contact with his deceased wife. The family expert on all things depression, came home from a visit with the friends & "doctor" & did some research. The difference between hallucination & delusion: Hallucination refers to a state belonging to a person in which the person sees or believes in things that do not exist in reality or exists in reality in a different manner. A real life example: a lady in former church was looking up at the ceiling, talking quietly to herself. after church, a group of members were talking about her behavior because the lady told someone she was talking to the angels in heaven through a hole in the ceiling. I nearly got asked to leave the church by saying how do we know that she is not talking to the angels & maybe we should all be like her in our faith. Delusion denotes a state in which a person believes something to be here despite having all the evidence pointing towards the falseness of that particular thing. A real life example: My brother has in the past month, has been looking for his deceased wife. He has called her no longer in service cell phone, looked her up on the internet. But when told that she is dead, he'll tell us that he knows she's dead & buried in the cemetery with our mom & dad. And then he starts trying to tell us about thing he found online about his wife, within a 3 hour period with my brother, we had the same conversation 3a dozen + times about women with the same name as his wife that he found online with me saying that none of these women look anything like his wife. Someone who develops psychosis will have their own unique set of symptoms and experiences, according to their particular circumstances. But in general, four main symptoms are associated with a psychotic episode: hallucinations delusions confused and disturbed thoughts lack of insight and self-awareness One group I know of is National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -- 1-800-273-8255 to talk with someone & they also have an online chat at suicidepreventionlieline.org And we are here for you too. You are stronger & braver than you believe yourself to be.
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