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  1. Aside from the cat occasionally noticing that there is something that moves (very occasionally), not really. The cat could easily hurt the spider and the spider could give the cat a very swollen paw.
  2. Sorry to hear about your White Striped Birdeater - hope it lived a long and happy life. Spinelli (after the character on Recess) is a Costa Rican Zebra tarantula (aphonopelma seemanni). I've had her a little over a year without a molt! I can't wait to see it when it happens. The fireleg sounds awesome! If I get another tarantula, I'll probably do one of the brachys (the curly hair is too cute) or a euathlus (chilean dwarf). As bad as I react to most bug bites, I don't think I'll ever risk an old world species. Glad to meet another tarantula person on here!
  3. I joined a few days ago. I have dealt with depression and anxiety since childhood, and developed body-focused repetitive behaviors a little later. Currently my trichotillomania/dermatillomania has gotten really bad, and I can’t stop. Hoping to find support, and also here to support others since I’ve had these issues for so long. When my brain isn’t out to get me, I like playing music, sewing, and getting outside. I love animals, and I have a cat and a pet tarantula. Good to meet all of you!
  4. Lis, welcome! I’m new too and having pretty much the same problem with motivation and concentration. It’s affecting my job and I hate that so so much. I do want to say that by reaching out here you’ve made a great first step! While I do think mental health is super important, dropping out can really alter the trajectory of your life. Can you take incompletes for the semester? That usually gives you 6 months or so to finish coursework when life circumstances arise. I used to teach at a community college and had a few students go this route. For hobbies, do what you can but remember that a lot of advice about depression comes from people who had a 6 week bout and now think they’re experts on “beating” it. Hobbies do help, but don’t feel bad if you just can’t. I haven’t played guitar for more than 10-15 min in months. It sucks but it is what it is. Right now, reading a book or learning about birds is more my speed. Speaking of which - pursuing your interests might mean changing your major! If you’re not passionate about teaching, find something health/fitness related. You are early enough on that I think you won’t lose any time in finding a career. As for the social anxiety and being hard on yourself - well I’m 35 and still dealing with that! Therapy has helped a LOT, by training me to see the ways in which I’ve overcome some crazy life experiences. I think it’s why older people don’t give a F, because they’ve been through some stuff and know that it only made them stronger. Math was never my strong subject either, but one morning in high school, before I was a daily coffee drinker, I got a cup before class and WOW I could keep up with my calculus teacher (who probably drank at least a pot every morning). Maybe not a real solution for someone with anxiety but that day showed me that I wasn’t slow, my teacher was just amped on caffeine. Maybe when you’re in a better headspace, you’ll have a similar experience. Anyways, hang in there! The good days do come.
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