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  1. Thanks guys for the replies and advice... I tend to get very motivated to do my daily task and I tell myself focus and say something positive to myself like "I can do this" and "I will do this". But then I lose all motivation and go back to laying down. @Smallbike I'll have to talk to my counselor about my situation before dropping out or doing incomplete semester. I just don't want to make decisions that'll regret so I guess I should make an appointment with my counselor. @Tearz I will make an appointment with my counselor to see if incomplete semester as the best decision or any other path way. @Atra Thanks! I've heard and read about cognitive therapy. Do you mind explaining how it works? How do you make time do it ? I hardly have energy to anything so I don't know if I can. But I hope with your help and the rest it can push me a little. @Epictetus No, I have not seen a physicians for medical examination. I just don't want my parents or anyone in my family to know I am going through this. But I do have two cousins who listen to me however, they don't really understand why I feel this way. Though I do have a friend who has gone through this so he understands me very well. I just don't know how I can fight through this everything seems to be too much for me. Even waking up, taking showers, eating, it's gotten so bad that before I sleep I think about whether to sleep late and wake up or sleep early and do the stuff that is important to me. Ughh it just feels like I should have waited a little bit before attending college but now all I can think is about how long will it take me if I stop. Thanks everybody but I am back to being depressed instead of positive.
  2. Hello my name is Lis and a newbie FYI- long post I apologize in advance. Background: These past 6 weeks have not been my best so far this year. Six weeks ago I started attending my community college after a year off to work and to figure out what I want to do with my life even though my major says teacher. However, I decided that my passion lies in nutrition and fitness even though I have not eaten healthy nor exercise but its something important to me. This may seem irrelevant but its tie to my depression and anxiety. Current Situation: Anyway the reason I am here is because I find myself again feeling depressed and anxious. Last year I was not feeling good emotions I had lots of guilt, self-doubt, low self-esteem and confidence, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. I made a vow that this year I was not going to let myself fall into depression and that I was going to let my past hold me back. I thought that going back to school and working on improving myself and to getting what I want to do with my life was going to keep from falling into deep depression. When It Comes To Daily Stuff: But it hasn't in fact I find it so difficult to even get out of bed without counting to 10 even 15 to build courage to get going with my life even though I am struggling. Doing house chores, homework, socializing, calling an uber to get me to school has all become so hard for me. It takes me at least an hour to finish sweeping because I have so many things in mind and usually all I want to do is cry because I can't get things done in time. I really want to achieve everything I want to do with my life but I can't bring myself to do it because I can't focus and my motivation disappears with 3 secs of looking at all my homework that needs to be done. Questions: 1. I've been thinking about dropping out because I feel like I should take care of mental health first. However, I don't want to quit because I fear I might regret it. So what should I do to fight my way through? 2. I heard that adding pleasurable hobbies is a grear way to fight through depression. How should I do them when I feel like not doing anything? 3. I also have anxiety I tend to care too much about what other people think of me and things that aren't as big deal as it seems. What can I do to ignore my inner critic ? 4. Also how can I stop being so hard on myself? I tend to do that often. 5. I also want to be more confident and independent? I tend to depend too much on people and leave my responsibilities on their hands. I know this isn't the place but do you know any ways to study especially math. I am not very good at math but I do want to get better. I am taking arithmetic and pre-algebra and I am having a hard time understanding. I am sorry for this post. Is so long. I am 19 by the way Thanks for your help.
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