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  1. Great question. I think it is very different for everyone. If you can avoid alcohol, that’s probably always going to be your best bet. It isn’t exactly the best thing for depression 😐. But... things aren’t always so black and white. Alcohol is a big part of many cultures, and it is such a common social experience. The last thing we need when we’re depressed is to not be social. So... what has worked for me is to still partake in events, dinners, etc... but order a soda or sparkling water at the bar in a regular cocktail glass. No one is going to notice. I also sometimes order a drink I don’t like - sounds silly but I know it’ll take me all dinner to finish a creamy dark beer 🤫. I highly doubt alcohol did any lasting damage to your treatment. Just be sure to be vigilant about too much alcohol. You can always check with the doctor to be sure . I have told friends many times that I can’t drink because of my acid reflux (would be a true story if I didn’t take medication to prevent it). That’s a pretty innocent, non-invasive way to explain why you’d prefer not to drink. I hope this helps you. Take care,
  2. Coffee. I don’t think I like it but I drink 8 cups every day before 2:00.
  3. Honestly, sometimes I think a pet can offer more relief than any medication. Your comment made me really sad but also angry that people are treated so poorly in this cruel world. I sincerely apologize if I’m focusing too much on your cat comment, but why not look into adopting a “farm cat” or something. No red tape to go through. Just get your kitten and bring her home. I hope you’re doing better. Your post really struck a nerve with me.
  4. You took the words out of my mouth! Really rough week. I don’t think i’ve ever felt as emotionally exhausted as I did yesterday. I feel like the “act” I have to put on to bet through “normal” life is running its course. I feel like I’m not living my own life - I’m living the life others (don’t know who exactly) want me to live. I feel like my depression and anxiety and panic would go away if the world was different. If the world was more forgiving and compassionate and less greedy, selfish, and mean. Anyone know a place like a that? 🤔
  5. Thank you. I have indeed talked with my doctor. Like many doctors seem to do, he minimized the discontinuation impact. He said I only needed to taper to 5mg for a week, so I went way above that. Today i am so dizzy that I’m considering going back on it, which really would be for the sole purpose of avoiding wd’s
  6. Invisible. On this website. It’s demoralizing to have a question get ignored on a site to support depressed people.
  7. I spoke too soon. The depressive symptoms have been unbearable since yesterday afternoon. Should I be considering a slower taper? 2.5 mg for a time period?
  8. Hi all, I’ve been taking 10 mg Lexapro for about 3 years. I probably hit the “Lexapro poop out” stage about a year ago, when the mediction seemed to lose its effectiveness. But of course the side effects remained. So I tapered to 5 mg for a month and then went to zero this past weeekend (4 days ago). I am having dizziness, facial tingling, GI problems, and extreme generalized anxiety. But surprisingly no issues with depressive symptoms, which I am so thankful for. I’m honestly just looking for some support/advice from the community on how long these symptoms will persist, how familiar they are, and whether there are safe and effective solutions to mitigate the feelings. I’m already exercising regularly, eating a fairly healthy diet, and focusing on getting plenty of sleep. I do find a glass of wine with dinner helps the symptoms but of course i’m well aware of the risk of trading one problem with an even worse one, so this is clearly not a viable solution. Thanks all
  9. Wow, this is the number 1 reason I am currently tapering down and trying to get off of Lexapro. I’ve always had a very moderate approach to alcohol.... a wine or two with dinner, a beer at the game. But one day my wife and I discussed the fact that my drinking had started to become noticeably more frequent and heavy. I’m not talking about black out level binges, but I’ve had more instances where i’ve Had too much to drink in the past year on Lexapro than in the 20 prior years combined. I know it has been a while since you posted, so I hope you’re doing okay.
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